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Patrick Mowrey
San Diego, CA
Regis University, Master of Science in Nursing

“I went to an associate degree school in Dallas. The reason that I went to school at all is that I had been a patient. I was in the hospital in 1995 to have open heart surgery and it didn’t go well. I was sick. I owned a printing business at the time. I couldn’t go to work and had a horrible recovery. They figured out that I had an autoimmune disorder. It would go away eventually, but I lost three years of my life in recovery. So I went to school to find out what happened to me. I went to nursing school. My thought pattern was that I’d figure out why I was so sick.

“When I finally got my degree, an associate degree, I practiced in Dallas for about two years. Then, I wanted to move around. I say I ran away from home. I had four kids. I went to Oklahoma first. I took a travel job there. Then, I got with registry because I’d rather do my own bookkeeping on the job. A registry nurse is a nurse that covers a shift when someone calls in sick. It’s very flexible. It keeps me out of the politics of the facilities. With that, I traveled to Phoenix from Dallas. I worked in most of the facilities in Phoenix and had a great time there. I headed toward California. San Diego was the first stop.

“I worked most of the facilities in San Diego for the first year and a half or so. I was working my way up the coast. Then, I ran into a woman and we fell in love. We got married. I’ve been in San Diego for six years, which gave me time to finish my original project which was to finish my bachelor’s, get my master’s and become a nurse educator. I now teach nursing.

“It’s been an adventure. It was a ten year plan that I set out to do and the first long-term plan I’ve succeeded at in my life. I found The College Network®. I called. This little fellow came by. He had three binders. The binders were three courses that would go toward my master’s degree. He told me all about Regis University. I contacted Regis and liked what they said. I registered, and I started class about five days later. I got those three binders, and they were courses. They were eight-week courses. I thought, ‘Well I’m working at Regis, doing my classes there, working full time, and I’ll work on those binders so I can do two classes at once.’ I think this whole program was 13 months, and I was graduated. I have a master’s degree in nursing with an education emphasis. It’s served me well. I called to see about a doctorate program, so you guys need to get a doctorate program to hook me up with. I’ve got to continue my education. Having gotten started, I can’t quit school. I love it.” 

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