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Utilizing Academic Support

How do I contact Academic Support?
The Academic Support department is staffed with trained Academic Advisors to help you throughout your studies with The College Network®. To reach an advisor, call us at 1-800-634-1443. You also can email us at

What kind of questions can Academic Support help me with?
The Academic Support department can help with courses analyses, module versions, module content, testing procedures, the setup of a study plan, study tips, learning styles, or any other general questions about your program.

Do I need to notify Academic Support each time I complete an exam?
The College Network would like to know how you're doing in the program and how you did on each examination. This will allow us to celebrate your success with you and also helps us to revise the Comprehensive Learning Modules™ to create a better product. For more information on reporting your test scores, please click the "Testing Info" tab at the top of this site. Please consult your Academic Guidance Plan for degree-specific information regarding the sharing of test scores with your school.

I have not received all my materials. Can Academic Support help me?
You should have received access to your first Comprehensive Learning Module via email within 24 hours following enrollment in our online Resource Center™. The College Network will grant you access to the rest of your Comprehensive Learning Module program components within two or three weeks following enrollment. Please contact the Academic Support department with questions regarding access to the Resource Center and specific modules.

I am not progressing with my degree program as quickly as I had anticipated. What can Academic Support do to help?
Often, this situation can be remedied with minor adjustments to your study plan. Academic Support can assess your specific learning style, provide study strategies, and help you create a workable study plan that fits into your busy schedule. Remember, there is no expiration on your Comprehensive Learning Module purchase, so don't become discouraged. Work with an Academic Advisor to set goals and get back on the path to success.

Keep in mind that your Comprehensive Learning Module purchase includes the use of Academic Support. Never feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help, seek motivation, or to simply discuss your degree program with an Academic Advisor. You're never alone with The College Network.