Why Age Shouldn't Stop You

Roger Clemens made headlines this past week when he said he was going to come out of retirement to pitch for a minor league team with the hopes of being recognized by major league scouts for another shot at the big game. At the age of 50, a man was taking a legitimate shot at competing in a game being played by people a quarter century younger than himself. Just the idea of someone who is old enough to be the father of most of the men he would/could be playing against speaks enough for itself, but it also draws attention to the fact that age isn't the handicap that it used to be. 

Other athletes, swimmers Dara Torres (age 45) and Janet Evans (age 40), tried out for the U.S. Olympic team earlier this year. Both of these women have families and careers, but found time to train and pursue a goal that most would consider to be far-fetched and somewhat ridiculous, but qualified for the U.S. Olympic Trials and were only one step away from becoming Olympians. 

So if you're over the age of 40 and debating whether age is going to keep you from earning your degree, think again. People aren't letting age get in the way of their dreams any more, and with education being more convenient and affordable thanks to companies like The College Network, working adults are able to take care of their families, work and earn a degree. With self-paced education and training, you can move at your own pace and find that you're just as capable as someone just graduating high school. 


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