We're Here for You
A big concern for adults looking into self-paced education and training is the lack of support.  But, there's no need to worry when you choose distance learning through The College Network.

Every customer of The College Network receives personal academic support throughout our portion of the program. The College Network support is only a phone call, email, or even an online chat away whenever you need help in your studies.

The process starts with our "learning style survey" where you will find out more about your own, personal learning style.  The College Network reviews your answers and an Academic Advisor will work with you to create a study plan and develop goals in your program.

As a customer, you will also have access to study tips, motivation techniques, testing information, customer success stories, and more on our customer support web site.

Just because you choose an online or distance learning program doesn't mean you have to be alone.  Contact The College Network online for more information.

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