We Are The Champions

Purdue alum Drew BreesMy job at The College Network is to be your program advisor - not sell you on our program - but be the person who gives you objective advice and educates you on what our program details are and what it can help you accomplish.  Even though it is my job to help you; I genuinely want to help each and every person I speak with, that's just my nature.  But, I want to be more than an advisor, more than just help you - I want to be your champion.

When you inquired into our Purdue Lean Six Sigma Online Program, Boston University Corporate Education Center Courses for Project Management, or Boston University Paralegal Training Courses, something inside of you became curious on how to better your career and life.  Something told you that pursuing this education will provide you with self-fulfillment and an improvement in your quality of life.  You want to be a winner.  You want to win a championship.

Stanley CupAs your advisor, I will be your champion - on one condition.  That you yourself be your own champion.  I'll be here to give you the information.  I will tell you the facts.  I will provide you with the best advice for your situation.  I will tell you straightforward that you need to make the decision you made when you inquired - go for the gold.  Win your own championship.  Put in the work.  Make the commitment.  Follow your dreams and better your education and career.

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS.  Everyone wins when you make the commitment (in time, effort, and finances) to enhance your life through education.  Overcome your obstacles to become a winner, become a champion.  I'll do my part, now do yours.

This venture is an investment in yourself - is this an investment you can afford not to make?  Are you ready to become a champion?

Rocky Balboa

If you have any questions about The College Network Certificate Programs please contact me at 317-569-4734 or kburton@collegenetwork.com.

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