Wanted: New RNs
During my usual morning routine while reading the news online, I came across this article that made me stop.  Titled, "10 Hot Careers for 2012 - And Beyond," it takes a look at fields that are in need of more qualified employees.  Not surprisingly, #2 on the list is healthcare professionals.  Take a look at this link.  

As you can see, with an average salary of over $64,000 per year, the U.S. will be in need of 103,900 RNs PER YEAR.  So for all you LPNs, LVNs, and Paramedics out there wanting to boost your career, receive a pay raise and a steady job, look no further than the advanced nursing education provided by The College Network and leading universities.  We can take you from your LPN/LVN/Paramedic to your associate degree in nursing or BS in Nursing degree and have you earn the RN money and stability you're looking for.  Give us a call today!  

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