Want to be a School Nurse?
If you enjoy children and would like a regular schedule, you might consider becoming a school nurse upon graduation from one of the good nursing schools.  While most people think of the school nurse as just someone who hands out aspirin to students with headaches, or bandages a cut, there is much more to the job.  The school nurse must be aware of the health regulations involving children and privacy and needs to keep a record on each child for immunizations.  Many students are on regular medication that must be given during the school day and it is the nurse's duty to dispense these.

Several school systems require that school nurses also be certified teachers.  Nurses have many teaching duties in addition to their other duties.  They teach general health classes, special classes on various diseases and in some places are involved with children's fitness.  When you finish one of the distance nursing programs, you may want to investigate what further education is needed to be a school nurse.  This is an excellent speciality choice if you have children of your own as the nursing schedule is the same as the regular school schedule.

Even with one of the inexpensive nursing degrees, you can make a difference to a child by getting them help they need.

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