Veni, vidi, vici

"I came, I saw, I conquered" are the words that Jim from Kyle, Texas uttered to me last Monday after I helped him begin working on his LVN to RN program. These words were uttered by Julius Caesar in 47 BC.  Jim's motive for earning his RN were out of the ordinary. 

Jim wants to create a legacy for himself, and give back to the community.  He knows that getting his RN is a lot of work, but he is ready to conquer this challenge.  He is a former Marine, and is used to challenges.  He knows what it will take, and is ready to get down to business! 

He was looking for inexpensive nursing degrees that would fit into his lifestyle, and came across the LVN to ADN program where he could also complete his nursing prerequisites online.  Jim had looked into other distance nursing programs, but also wanted something where he wouldn't have to deal with the pitfalls of a classroom-based education.  He was impressed with The College Network support, and is now embarking on his next mission on his quest to become Nurse Practitioner.  Good luck Jim! 

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