If you’re looking for a way to get an edge in the business job market today, a Lean Six Sigma certificate could be the answer! What is Lean Six Sigma? Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two popular methodologies used in business and industry today: The Lean methodology provides techniques to streamline production and services;... Continue +
As a project manager, you may have considered advancing your career with a certification in Lean Six Sigma. Whether you are are new to Lean Six Sigma or a seasoned pro pursuing a Black Belt, you know that honing your skills in process improvement can open a lot of doors. Here, we’ve outlined the top three reasons why... Continue +
Resolution Revolution
I do it.  She does it.  He does it.  They do it.  Almost everyone does it this time of year - New Year's Resolutions.  And just like me, you, and everyone else, we probably do not follow through with some or all of them.  Today, I propose we both turn over a new leaf, and take some advice from some of the best revolutionaries on... Continue +
Gary Caudle was no stranger to the project management field, but when he and his employer decided it was time to update his formal knowledge of processes, they turned to The College Network for Boston University Corporate Education Center's project management courses.“I looked at several course offerings and decided on the BUCEC... Continue +
Something I have noticed throughout my career is that in many organizations there is a disconnect between doing a job well and being prepared to succeed. This disconnect leads to frustration as employees, on every level including management, fail to meet the expectations passed down through the chain of command. Having worked in... Continue +
Immunity Idol
Immunity is back up for grabs!  Just like on the hit reality TV show Survivor you too have a chance at achieving something to help save yourself from elimination.  The College Network offers you lots of options to help yourself rise to the top of whatever "game" (career path) you are in.Although myself or The College Network can... Continue +
A relative of my husband's was inquiring about Lean Six Sigma over the weekend and it occured to me that there might be a lot of people out there who don't really know what Lean Six Sigma is. Lean Six Sigma is a strategy for managing a business. "It seeks to improve to quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the... Continue +
It's Friday!  Our training class has been with us for an entire week now.  We have one more day of initial product knowledge training and then they will begin the next phase of their training:  OTJ (on the job).A review of the week and what information had already been gained was the first order of the day.  Our intrepid crew of... Continue +
Human Resources plays a significant role, not only in human-capital development, but in how human capital can contribute to the execution of organizational and business strategies. The development and execution of a human resources strategy that is aligned with organizational goals and matched to an organization’s competencies... Continue +
I'm sorry if I can't hide my excitement.  If I seem a little too happy these days, I have my reasons.  FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE!! Professional, College, Arena, High School and yes, even Canadian Football has it merits.  On Sunday at game time, I turn off my cell phone, turn the ringer off on the house phone, disconnect the... Continue +
3 Questions!
 My job title is Program Advisor.  My job at The College Network is to advise individuals looking to further their career growth and development with online programs from some of the top universities around the country.  Part of my job as an advisor is to ask basic questions, such as....1)  What made you inquire into this... Continue +
We Are The Champions
My job at The College Network is to be your program advisor - not sell you on our program - but be the person who gives you objective advice and educates you on what our program details are and what it can help you accomplish.  Even though it is my job to help you; I genuinely want to help each and every person I speak with,... Continue +
So, I am talking to our new business analyst the other day, and she says she went to a business analyst meeting, and everyone there was talking about project management and the need to get PMP Certified.  Wow, I knew that Project Management is huge in Construction, Manufacturing and IT, but I didn't know is was gaining... Continue +
The Decision
Everyone is a free agent.  Your performance and contract may not be based on how many points you score, rebounds you grab or assists you dish out, but all of your past experiences add up to make yourself who you are in the job market today.  While past work experience and education make up your resume, what can you do for... Continue +
I'll admit, I've been watching the news casts, reading the sports section with added excitement, viewing ESPN's website hoping to get some information about where LeBron James is going to play basketball next season.  Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Cleveland, Miami the list goes on.  It got me to thinking how nice life would be... Continue +
 Yep...it's summer!  No doubt you have lots of activities to occupy your time.  But guess what....summer is one of the best times to get started on reaching your dream of completing a new Associates Degree in Nursing Online.  Or, perhaps a Certificate of Project Management; maybe Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Paralegal Career... Continue +
A Day In The Life
Due to popular request from a few of my colleagues, I'd like to give some insight into a day in the life of a house program advisor at The College Network.  The story you are about to read is true.  Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.8:45 AM - Arrived at work, checked my messages and the only one I had was... Continue +
Online or distance learning is steadily gaining popularity among students, especially those over the age of 24. Online education gives these people the flexibility to continue working, or take care of their families while going back to school.     Adults are a huge part of the number of potential candidates for higher learning,... Continue +
We're hard at work now on a white paper featuring information about project management. The paper will discuss pros and cons of becoming certified in project management, along with the history, a day in the life of a PM and information on researching schools and programs if PM is something you're interested in. For... Continue +
The College Network in partnership with Boston University Corporate Education Center (BUCEC) is helping students prepare for a Project Management Certification online. For someone already working in a specific field, such as IT, training for Project Management can help them to obtain supervisory positions within their... Continue +
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