Thinking about the future
I have been lucky to keep in contact with many of my friends since childhood. Though as adults we are unable to spend much time together these days.

I recently was at a party for a deceased friend. Even though it was a sad event, I was happy to see so many people I have not seen in years. Many of them were thinking about their future, and future careers, in particular. Surprisingly, many of them were still getting their education. We are in our mid-30s now, and most of us have had some sort of career already. It really made me look at the validity of The College Network. So many of them were struggling to get their education while having to work to pay the bills.

I am not a Program Advisor, but I've heard from them that, "our programs sell themselves." They were right. Hearing the hurdles my friends were facing, I told them of The College Network and how we help students save money and time.

Some of my friends were LPNs and realized that earning a RN, BSN, or MSN was much more important than they had originally thought. I was surprised that I was able to give them so much information about our LPN to RN, RN to MSN, and RN to BSN degree programs which were unbeknownst to them.

I had other friends who were studying for Paralegal Certification. I shared information about our programs with them as well. They had very positive feedback on the information I presented. (And, like I said, I'm not even a Program Advisor.)

Project Management, and the Six Sigma certifications were other courses I discussed with friends. The College Network has something for just about everyone.

It seems that now, almost all of my friends are taking a serious look at their future. Education is a big part of that. It is great to be able to help them by offering them an alternative to a campus- based college. 

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