The Student Loan Debt Crisis

Much has been made lately of the exploding student loan debt that has recently surpassed the national credit card debt. Is it a problem? Yes. But what are high school graduates and working adults supposed to do when they need an advanced degree to get the job or the promotion they desire, but have to choose between taking on a large debt or waiting until they have a job and the money necessary to pay for it themselves? It's a trade off, and a significant one since your future rests on this decision, and some would argue that it's not worth shouldering the financial burden if you can find a job first and then work your way through school. A valid point, but in a struggling economy where jobs are few and far between, who has time for that? 

For the skeptics who think it's impossible to earn an advanced degree, work, and minimize student loan debt, The College Network is a shining example that the impossible is possible. Take the hundreds of thousands of working adults that have used TCN's Comprehensive Learning Module system and have earned college credit at their own pace and while working a full-time job. The student loan debt is a problem, but it's a problem with multiple solutions, The College Network being one of them.

Take the initiative and earn the degree you've always desired but at a fraction of the cost of traditional higher education. Visit TCN's web site to learn more.


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