The Road to Education

For most people, their education begins in infancy, when we first learn to use our hands, fingers, eventually learning to crawl, then walk. Formal education begins not long after with pre-school and kindergarten and continues, for most, through the 12th grade. From this point, we come to a crossroads: is college the path to take or do I pursue a career based on my current education? No matter which path you choose, your education doesn't stop after you earn your high school diploma - in your career you will continue to learn about the job(s) you have and what it's like to be on your own, supporting yourself for the first time in your life.

For some, this path is what they desire in their life, but for others, they find that the high school diploma they have earned will not suffice while they are pursuing different, more advanced career paths. So you realize you have to go back to school, but in order to build your career and experience in the working world, how do you go to a college and earn your degree at the same time? The answer is The College Network. With our Comprehensive Learning Modules and our dedication to eLearning with our online Resource Center, you can have your career and education as well. 

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