The Pact
The Pact The Pact has had a tremendous influence on my life.  It was one the first books that shaped my academic career and also the loyalty I had with my friends in high school.

The Pact is a biography written by Drs. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt childhood friends and motivational speakers.  Although they are all smiles and successful now--they faced many challenges growing up as youth in the city of Newark, NJ.  To find a positive influence in the area where they were raised was almost a far-fetched idea in a area where crime and lost potential are too common.  After a chance presentation at a information session the three men decided to make a pact; that pact was to go to college and pursue careers as doctors.

When I read this book, I knew that anything was possible and with enough dedication and tenacity I could realize my goals.  After graduating high school my best friends and I all went to different colleges and as we grew as scholars so did our own group.  Each holiday new friends and acquaintances were introduced into our group, and we all shared a common mantra, "Go to school, graduate, and pursue our passions."

Everyday I run across LPNs who have just graduated from their nursing programs and when we begin the process of setting up an appointment for them to meet with their Program Advisor there is one constant mantra that I hear from the LPNs, "I want to meet with a Program Advisor, but I want my classmates there with me--we plan on becoming Registered Nurses together."  It warms the heart to know that in these times people still build up and rely on support from colleagues and friends to ensure that they all pursue their goals.  Even if you don't know it--you have a support system that wants you to succeed and see you live your dream of receiving your nursing degree through our online nursing programs.  The College Network offers support for you from the moment you begin your research for nursing programs until you receive your degree whether that be an Associates, Bachelors, or Masters degree in nursing.

Make the promise to yourself and your pact that you will go back to school and become a RN because it is possible--the only way you can achieve your dream is if you try.

Landon Jones, Appointment Coordinator

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