The Gordian Knot

In 333 B.C. Alexander the Great, at the age of 23, had invaded Asia Minor and arrived in the central mountains at the town of Gordium. In the town there was an ox cart, which had been put there by the King of Phrygia over 100 years before. The staves of the cart were tied together in a complex, rumored untieable, knot with the ends tucked away inside.

Having arrived at Gordium it was inconceivable that the young, impetuous King would not tackle the legendary Gordian Knot. Alexander climbed the hill and approached the cart as a crowd of people gathered around. They watched intently as Alexander struggled with the knot and became frustrated.
Alexander, stepping back, called out, "What does it matter how I loose it?" With that, he drew his sword, and in one powerful stroke severed the knot.

Does higher education seem like a Gordian Knot to you? With the myriad programs, degrees, courses, is one supposed to make a sound, informed decision independently? How do you untie the Gordian Knot of higher education? Take a lesson from Alexander the Great and don't fall into convention and tradition because you'll end up the same place as everyone else. Dare to be different and take the initiative to cut through all of the unnecessary burdens of the traditional classroom. The College Network provides online degrees from top universities and can help you conquer the courses and earn the credit you need to help you on your path to becoming a college graduate.  

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