Stress It is no surprise or hidden fact that nursing is a stressful job. Long hours, chaotic situations, sick patients in desperate need for help, heavy lifting, and constant running around, all add up to some stressful working conditions that can be difficult to handle. While the job is stressful, it is also intensely... Continue +
Sometimes you need a little boost when pursuing your education. I've collected some of my favorite quotes that can be used and taken to heart for those who might be at a crossroad in their life. Print these out, write them down, and have them nearby when you might feel like giving up. Or give them to fellow students as part of a... Continue +
We want to be with you during your educational experience. It is important, however, that you remain motivated and focused on earning your degree. If you ever feel yourself losing speed and wanting to give up, just remember to REACH. That is an acronym I created that helps me stay on track with my own goals, so I thought I would... Continue +
Online or distance learning is steadily gaining popularity among students, especially those over the age of 24. Online education gives these people the flexibility to continue working, or take care of their families while going back to school.     Adults are a huge part of the number of potential candidates for higher learning,... Continue +
Studying for exams and reading through the material can seem like an overwhelming task. And it can be a little frustrating when you find yourself stuck. We here at The College Network believe you can overcome the obstacles that get in your way, so we want to share these study tips to help you do just that.“Don’t try to boil... Continue +
This article delivers some disheartening news for those looking to attend nursing school. Here are some of the facts from the article:  Enrollment in entry-level baccalaureate nursing programs increased 3.5% in 2009Though the demand for educated nurses continues to be high, nursing schools are still hindered by a shortage of... Continue +
The American Nurses Association has been advocating for 20 years for heath care reforms that would guarantee access to high quality health care for all. Rising health care costs, increasing numbers of uninsured and under insured individuals equals a health care system that needs to be fixed. Any solution must involve... Continue +
When it comes to marketing a certain product, I am a firm believer in not only knowing what exactly you are marketing, but how you feel about it. It's a simple notion: believing in what you are writing about. But it can be the biggest difference between reaching people with your marketing campaign and actually making an impact.I... Continue +
College tuition is just the start of expenses that go toward your education. Hidden expenses and surprising costs can add up to shockingly high amounts. Little details can lead to big bucks out of pocket. Transportation, books, lab fees, and expenses from general social aspects of college are all hidden costs that can make the... Continue +
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