The Florida Nursing Shortage

A recent article in the Herald-Tribune addressed a forecast for the upcoming Florida nursing shortage. "A workforce survey by the Florida Center for Nursing shows that vacancies and turnover began to accelerate in 2011 after a four-year slide. The nonprofit center predicts that Florida will run short of registered nurses by 11,000 openings in 2015 — and by 50,000 in 2025."

50,000 openings for registered nurses by 2025! It's an astounding number, and a reassuring one for current and soon-to-be registered nurses. With the increasing number of baby boomers reaching retirement, the need for RNs will be greater than ever over the next several decades. For LPNs or other associate degree nursing professionals, the time could not be better to make the transition to RN, especially with companies like The College Network and its partner universities providing quality educational services. 

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