The College Network Is Open on Black Friday!
Typically the day after Thanksgiving families camp out in parking lots waiting for stores to open.  Whether it’s a new plasma or that juicer with the 10-speed power button, the ultimate goal is to spend hard earned cash on devices and vices that will soon be forgotten when Black Friday occurs again the following year.  

Well, I want to let you know that The College Network will be open on Black Friday and we are offering up to 25% off towards your nursing degree through our online universities and distance learning programs.  No lines—no annoying people—no having to go home empty-handed.  Making the decision to go back to school and get your nursing degree is as awesome as deciding to get that 3D television you always wanted five minutes ago.  
On Friday November 25th our Appointment Coordinators will be available to talk to you about our nursing programs and other healthcare degrees that you've had your eye on.  If you don’t want to wait until Black Friday, you can call us right now and begin the process of going to school online while still going to work.
Although some people usually have buyers regret after splurging on Black Friday, you definitely won't have that sinking feeling after receiving  that nursing degree you always wanted and know that you deserve.
Landon Jones, Appointment Coordinator 

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