Charles Fox here signing in for the very first time!  I will be posting weekly to keep you up to date on happenings related to nursing, education and The College Network.  There will be plenty to say about these topics - but first, a little about myself!I moved to Indianapolis in 2008 to attend IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue... Continue +
An excerpt from an article that appeared in The Dallas Morning News appears below. The article highlights how nurses can both lower healthcare expenses and help to ease the primary-care crunch. Sandy McCoy, recently named nurse practitioner of the year by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, shares some interesting views... Continue +
In a previous post on The College Network Nursing Blog, I introduced the nursing career path of Nurse Practitioner. As the healthcare landscape evolves, an increasing amount of the burden of care falls on Nurse Practitioners, and this is a fantastic career goal for those thinking of becoming an RN. This week is National Nurse... Continue +
Applications of the Lean Six Sigma methodology are limitless, but I thought that this recent example was of special interest. Mayo Clinic's Department of Laboratory Science Program applied Lean Six Sigma to the admissions process, and earned a national award at Lab Quality Confab for a poster presentation about the project.... Continue +
I would like to share the following list by Eric Bloom, President and Founder of Manager Mechanics, of his top 10 reasons to become a PMP. If you are on the fence about obtaining Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, read Eric's list and reconsider the opportunity that PMP certification affords. The College... Continue +
Understaffing is an issue that symbolizes both opportunity and challenges for current and aspiring nurses. The daily reality for hospitals that are understaffed is an environment that leads to nurse burnout, fewer RN hours per patient per day, and adverse patient outcomes. When the hospital is understaffed, the RNs who are on... Continue +
According to the National Association for Law Placement, only 65.4 percent of current law school grads are working in a job that requires passing the bar exam, and 12 percent are unemployed. "What is going on in the market is absolutely catastrophic," said Craig Boise, dean of Cleveland State University's... Continue +
An exciting new technique is in use at Pittsburg State University to instruct nursing students: the First Annual Nursing Safety and Mobility Olympics. The event focused on the safe transportation of patients and their IV pulls. The 76 students were divided into eight teams and had to transport a patient over a certain... Continue +
A recent joint UK and South African study shows that nurses taking over duties for HIV patients resulted in no negative impacts and actually showed patient benefits, including improvement in tuberculosis detection rates, increased weight and white blood cell count, and better compliance with the treatment program. This... Continue +
Lean Six Sigma is known to greatly improve efficiency and reduce waste, which increases profits. A less-documented benefit of the methodology is an increased employee satisfaction. In a recent post on The College Network Nursing Blog, I introduced the idea of Lean Six Sigma for the healthcare industry; now, testimonial evidence... Continue +
In a previous post on The College Network Nursing Blog, I wrote about the exceptional story of Navy trauma nurse  James Gennari, who risked his life in Afghanistan assisting a Marine who was brought in with a live rocket-propelled grenade lodged in his leg. Gennari said that the grenade's blast would have been powerful enough to... Continue +
Trish Trangenstein   So far, I have posted about Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Researcher and Nurse Anesthetist on The College Network Nursing Blog. Today, I  am excited to share another fantastic nursing career: Nursing Informatics. This area of nursing is absolutely crucial to the developing healthcare field, and provides yet... Continue +
As the issue of nurses' ability to provide anesthesia cycles through various state courts, I will strive to keep readers of The College Network Nursing Blog updated as verdicts are reached. Previously, I reported that California upheld the ability of Nurse Anesthetists to practice without the supervision of doctors. Today, I am... Continue +
The "Art" of Nursing
I recently read an article written by a nurse upon her retirement. As she reflected upon a career of caring for others, beginning with her training, going through her years of bedside care, and also mentioning futher degrees and an administration role, I felt inspired to share her story with readers of The College... Continue +
The benefits of Lean Six Sigma are not just for the manufacturing industry--other industries such as healthcare can also reap the benefits of the approach, as recent articles explain. The way space is laid out in a medical facility and how that relates to the number of procedures that can be accomplished, the way staff... Continue +
Medication errors in hospitals are the cause of 7,000 deaths annually, according to the Interdisciplinary Nursing Quality Research Initiative. For nurses caring for patients requiring multiple IV lines, things can get jumbled and confusing, which increases the possibility of error. Terri Barton-Salinas, a California RN with more... Continue +
Some of our readers may not know that The College Network is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. This news should be of interest to readers everywhere, but we are proud to see Indianapolis standing out as a paragon of healthcare.  The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses has selected six Indianapolis hospitals to be the... Continue +
In past posts on The College Network nursing blog, I have talked about nursing careers including Nurse Researcher and Nurse Anesthetist. Today, I want to introduce another great nursing career option: Nurse Practitioner. The modern healthcare landscape sees the importance of nurses rising, and Nurse Practitioners are some of the... Continue +
In a previous post on The College Network Nursing Blog, I introduced the fantastic career option of Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). This nursing role's importance--and independence--has just been upheld by the court in California, where it was decided that CRNAs are able to administer anesthetics to patients without the supervision of... Continue +
  A recent article on offers an alarming statistic on the health of nurses: more than 50% of nurses are obese, and 10% are smokers. The article offers some interesting information and advice for working nurses on staying healthy. I have condensed some relevant points for readers of The College Network Nursing... Continue +
Nurses and students from San Angelo State University recently took a trip to Kenya and held a five day medical clinic in an impoverished rural community. They were able to treat 600 people during the course of the clinic, which was located in the village of Kamuya, town of Kisumu on Lake Victoria, which is a little over 200... Continue +
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