The Change in Educational Requirements is Sending Nurses Back to School

If you are a nurse, you most likely have heard of the call by The Institute of Medicine that by the year 2020, 80% of nurses hold Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees.  It is a call to action for the nursing industry to respond to the changing needs of the healthcare system.

Hospitals have also started requiring their registered nurses hold a BSN--especially those hospitals who are attempting to be awarded Magnet status.  This change has happened in the last several years.  Holding your RN license used to be the accepted standard, but in keeping with the call for a more educated workforce, hospitals now are giving more consideration to those nurses with their bachelor's degree.  

Hospitals struggle to find BSN nurses to hire and because of this have developed policies to address this.  These hospitals will hire nurses with an Associate of Science in Nursing degree, but will require those nurses to obtain their bachelor's degree within a certain number of years.

At The College Network, we have options for you if you are either an LPN or are an RN who would like obtain a Bachelor's degree in nursing.  

We partner with Indiana State University to offer the only LPN-BSN online program.  This 3 phase program allows you to work through your general education and prerequisite courses with The College Network and then enroll with Indiana State for your nursing transition courses and final nursing courses with concurrent clinical hours.  Everything is online and there is no waiting list.  You can get started today.

For those registered nurses who are seeking their Bachelor's degree, you can obtain your degree through our partner, Regis University.  You can complete your upper-level core nursing courses in 12-20 months.  You can decide to work through a fast-track progression or a standard progression--depending on what works best with your busy lifestyle. 

Call us today at 800-395-1014 to learn more about these programs and find out which one is the best fit for you. Your Bachelor's degree is waiting for you.  

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