“"Begin at the beginning,", the King said, very gravely, "and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” - Lewis Carroll in Alice in WonderlandBut where does one begin with a blog, especially a first blog?  For me it is to give you a little information about who I am and why I am entering the blogging universe.  My name is... Continue +
HI, PA, IL, NC and TX
The latest group of trainees, our last group to go through our "newbie" training program, hail from all over the United States...literally.  This is exciting for us at The College Network because we know that people around the country will be able to learn about online nursing education programs through one of our new... Continue +
Phone a Friend
Working for The College Network's Training Department is definitely never boring!  I go home at the end of each day with my head spinning from the vast that I've handled throughout the day.  With so many partner schools, online training programs and educational opportunities, it never ceases to amaze me how many different topics... Continue +
Easy and Fast
We are into another Training Week and another group of new trainees for The College Network Program Advisor ranks.  This is another great group of people with boundless energy and excitement.  They are motivated and drinking up all the information we have to give them.  They are learning about online education, in general, and... Continue +
When someone is exploring the world of online education, the danger is not finding NO information but finding the RIGHT information in a vast sea of information.  There is a ton of data out there about universities, online educational programs, distance learning, etc.  Here at the Training Department of The College Network, we... Continue +
Going Back to School
This is the season for going back to school.  You see witness to that with bus stops full of children and university parking lots filled with cars.  Going to school is a part of the ritual, after you made sure that you had the right notebooks, right pencils and if you were lucky, the right clothes.  At The College Network,  we... Continue +
Livin' Online
In these days of everything "e" (e-mail, e-commerce, e-learning, "e-tc"), it is interesting to find how many new program advisors come to our family at The College Network and have not heard all the benefits of online education.  We start their education in "training week" with a solid foundation in "all things "e"".  We then... Continue +
It's Friday!  Our training class has been with us for an entire week now.  We have one more day of initial product knowledge training and then they will begin the next phase of their training:  OTJ (on the job).A review of the week and what information had already been gained was the first order of the day.  Our intrepid crew of... Continue +
Thursday is a fun day in Training Week.  Since we have already spent a lot of time talking about all the program details of our online nursing programs, we make sure that Thursday is very different in tone and feel.   There are so many details that we provide our trainees about our distance learning programs, nursing degrees and... Continue +
We are already at Wednesday of Training Week!  It is amazing how fast the week flies.  We spent the morning talking about all things "e-related".  The College Network has a host electronic programs and Internet and computer-based resources to be used by either our Program Advisors (PA) or customers.  We spent a lot of... Continue +
On Tuesday of Training Week we discussed three main topics: Forms, the LVN to BSN Program through Indiana State University and one of our accelerated RN to BSN programs.  Each topic brought great insight to our trainees on the ways they can help our customers achieve their goals.Forms, or Paperwork 101 as I like to refer to it,... Continue +
Monday of Product Knowledge Training Week is here.  We are always excited about a class of newbies and today was no exception.  We have four new Program Advisors, interested and eager.  It is a fun day and one the Training Department looks forward to.Rob Eyler, our SVP of National Sales lead off the morning with a rousing... Continue +
How do you introduce people to a totally new concept?  At The College Network, the Corporate Training Department does that by hosting a Product Knowledge Training session.  This week long training is an introduction to "all things TCN" for our new Program Advisors.  They fly in for an INTENSE week of learning about all the... Continue +
Getting It Right...
Working in the Corporate Training offices for The College Network (TCN) comes with a big set of challenges. We have hundreds of Program Advisors representing the company in the field, and we take their training and continual education very seriously.When a Program Advisor joins the TCN family we have them come to an intensive... Continue +
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