When I first came to The College Network, I knew simply that The College Network partners with universities to offer eLearning options for adults who want to advance their education.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I would be working with a caring group of individuals committed to improving the lives of others... Continue +
  How will you impact the future of nursing?   We hope you've enjoyed our tribute to influential nurses throughout history in honor of Nurses' Week 2013. These extraordinary women accomplished great things to change the face of healthcare as we know it today. How will you make an impact on the future of nursing?   One of the... Continue +
  "If you stand still and settle for the status quo, that's exactly what you will have." - Hazel Johnson-Brown The final nurse in our series of "5 Influential Nurses Who Changed the Face of Healthcare" is Hazel Johnson-Brown, who was the first African American Chief of the Army Nursing Corps and the first African American female... Continue +
  The fourth nurse in our series of "5 Influential Nurses Who Changed the Face of Healthcare" is Mary Eliza Mahoney, the first African American professional nurse and one of the original members of the Nurses Associated Alumnae of the United States and Canada that later became the American Nurses Association (ANA).   For most of... Continue +
  "The surest test of discipline is its absence." - Clara Barton    As you know, we've developed a series titled "5 Influential Nurses Who Changed the Face of Healthcare" in honor of Nurses' Week 2013. The third nurse profiled in our series is Clara Barton, founder of the Red Cross.   Barton's first experience with nursing was... Continue +
"I have learned to live each day as it comes, and not to borrow trouble by dreading tomorrow."  - Dorothea Dix The second nurse profiled in our series of "5 Influential Nurses Who Changed the Face of Healthcare" is Dorothea Dix, who established the first mental health system in the United States. Dix was instrumental... Continue +
"How very little can be done under a spirit of fear."  - Florence Nightingale In honor of National Nurses' Week 2013, The College Network has created an infographic about "5 Influential Nurses Who Changed the Face of Healthcare." The first nurse profiled in our series is Florence Nightingale, often recognized as the founder of... Continue +
Do you know why goal setting is so important to you success? You've probably set a goal for yourself in the past—maybe even when you signed up to earn credit with The College Network.  More than likely, you set a goal to earn your degree. But did you stop to consider what it would take for you to reach this goal?   It is... Continue +
Are you interested in learning how to leverage social media for your business? With new certificate programs created by Splash Media U, you will develop knowledge in the right mix of social platforms and learn to use them effectively for your business. Gain the skills needed to effectively manage social media marketing efforts. ... Continue +
We're excited to launch Education Editorial — a new eMagazine from The College Network®. This edition is packed with valuable articles written by experts in nursing and healthcare.  In this edition, you can read about Daniel Lucky who is achieving amazing things in community health nursing after completing an online degree... Continue +
A new adventure
The College Network is embarking on a new adventure and will be publishing an online magazine for nurses and other healthcare professionals. We’re very excited about our first edition which will be out later this month, and we want you to participate. We’re holding a contest to name our new magazine, and the winning entry gets... Continue +
In a recent donation drive, The College Network’s team contributed 229 coats and over 280 hats and pairs of gloves for children at Greenbriar Elementary School in Indianapolis, Indiana. “Around 83 percent of the students at our elementary school qualify for free or reduced lunches,” said Jamie Alexander, principal of Greenbriar... Continue +
The College Network is pleased to announce its alliance with the National Black Nurses Association (NBNA) — a non-profit nursing organization formed in 1971, which represents 150,000 nurses, nursing students and retired nurses from the United States, Eastern Caribbean and Africa with 83 chapters in 34 states. The formation of... Continue +
In this sluggish economy many people are looking for ways to be more competitive in today's job market. This is often easier said than done but in a new study released recently, we find that many people are finding an advantage with certificate programs. According to an article found on MSNBC.com, "Post-secondary certificates... Continue +
If you are a shy person, you may cringe at the thought of having to speak in front of crowds or networking for job opportunities. Fortunately, we've come across a list of the top careers shy people should consider pursuing on Yahoo! Education and the education for two of them can be completed entirely through distance... Continue +
The National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses (NFLPN) has partnered with The College Network to offer LPNs and LVNs opportunities to earn an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing which will provide the education needed to sit for RN licensure. As an LPN, you don't have to choose between your career and furthering your... Continue +
THE NATIONAL FEDERATION OF LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSES AND THE COLLEGE NETWORK PARTNER TO PROMOTE ADVANCED NURSING EDUCATION   The College Network® is pleased to announce its partnership with the National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses (NFLPN) — the professional organization for licensed practical nurses (LPN), licensed... Continue +
Have you ever had an inkling or thought that you SHOULD do something? In the words of Jiminy Cricket, a famous Walt Disney character, "Always let your conscience be your guide". If you are considering going back to school for advanced nursing education, it might be time to listen to yourself. Earning a degree will not be easy,... Continue +
Congratulations Missy!  The College Network would like to congratulate Ottamissiah (Missy) Moore for receiving the Black Nurse of the Year award from the Black Nurses Association of the Greater Washington, DC area.  Missy is a bachelor's prepared, Licensed Practical Nurse with specialty certifications in wound care, IV infusion... Continue +
We've all experienced it - the feeling that one more responsibility, assignment, task, obligation, chore, appointment, etc. will put us over the edge. We live in a world where we are constantly trying to do more with less and less time. Sound familiar? Of course it does, and adding the time it takes to earn your degree into the... Continue +
Did you know that Indianapolis, IN will be home to Super Bowl XLVI? Did you also know that The College Network is headquartered in none other than Indianapolis, IN?We've decided to get involved in the festivities leading up to the Super Bowl by sponsoring a great cause, and we hope you will join us. Riley Children's Foundation... Continue +
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