Your Guide to Ein Peck
Hello everyone!My name is Ein and I am an Academic Advisor at The College Network.  Although I'm originally from Marion, Indiana, I moved to Indianapolis about a year ago, after completing my B.A. in History at Wabash College. I really enjoy living in Indianapolis and all that it has to offer to a twenty-something like myself.... Continue +
Happy New Year!!! Hopefully you had a great 2012 but I want to help you have an even better 2013 by fulfilling one of your biggest resolutions. Every single year people make a ton of different resolutions: This is the year I finally lose that extra 10 pounds This is the year I finally stop smoking This is the year I... Continue +
As a Program Advisor I get to speak with many people on a daily basis who are interested in finding out how they can accomplish their goals. Goals, of course, vary from person to person. Some are interested in becoming more specialized in their current career such as an LPN who wants to be able to teach nursing by getting... Continue +
Growing up, I'll always remember going to family reunions to get the entire family together and catch up. Since I did not get to see many of these family members except for at the reunions, these gatherings often functioned as a time to catch up with one another. Although I usually tried to bury myself in food and then go... Continue +
Recently I came across an article on Yahoo, Flexible Degrees You Can Earn At Night. Since I'm always very interested to read about education, I had to jump on this article. In the article, the author discusses several different ways to earn a degree in your spare time. Sound familiar? It should! This is exactly what our programs... Continue +
I was speaking to a student yesterday and was asked an odd question: "What makes The College Network so special?" I originally thought this was odd because I am so used to talking about all the great things that we have to offer that sometimes I forget that there are other programs available. While I immediately thought, "well... Continue +
Summer Days
So it's mid June and Summer is officially in motion. If not already out, children will soon be leaving class for the summer and heading home to terrorize and occupy all of their parent's time. It's hard to believe that even as busy as you already were, you now may have to devote even more time to watching children while they're... Continue +
Hard Hats to Scrubs
There seems to be a strong stereotype that follows the Nursing profession around. People tend to think of nurses as women and men are not prevalent in the field. While in the past it may have been common to see very few men in the field, it seems as if that is all about to change. In an article that I recently read, it... Continue +
Procrastination - where I'll do it tomorrow becomes I'll do it next week - becomes I'll do it next month - becomes I never do it... Ever.  You may have noticed that my posts have been lacking lately. Yes. I'm human, and I'm just as much of a procrastinator as the next person. It's something that most (if not all) of us deal with... Continue +
The weather is nice in Indiana. I'll admit, I'm bragging because I'm not able to do so often when it comes to Mother Nature. High 60's to low 70's in March is not only rare, it's impressive. Usually there is still snow on the ground at this time of the year. So you would think, with all this wonderful weather, that there would... Continue +
Too Good To Be True?
"Why should society feel responsible only for the education of children, and not for the education of all adults of every age?" -Erich Fromm As you get older, busier, and more responsible it seems as though it becomes harder and harder to gain an education. Not because you don't have the will to study or because you are too busy... Continue +
We'll take them!
It's important to weigh the positives and negatives for any new degree program when considering returning to school. Sometimes this can be easy: Inexpensive vs Private Online vs Distance Self-paced vs Set schedule ... and the list goes on. Although these all seem very obvious, sometimes important comparisons can be... Continue +
Continuing Nursing Education
I have always had school sickness, as others have seasickness. I cried when it was time to go back to school long after I was old enough to be ashamed of such behavior.    -Jacques Derrida Although it can definitely be intimidating, school should not be dreaded. With education you'll enhance your understanding of the world... Continue +
So you're finally ready for that first exam.You've spent the last 4 weeks studying with The College Network. You've read your entire module, scored 90% or higher on each of your practice quizzes, passed both of your practice exams, and scheduled your exam.Now, it's the day before and you start to think "Oh no, I don't know what... Continue +
Have you ever wanted to get into the law field but didn't have the time or money for law school?Law school can be very daunting. It requires a ton of dedication and is definitely not cheap. So what am I getting at?Well, it's not too late to get into the law field. You could become a paralegal. It's not a secret that paralegals... Continue +
The other day during a meeting with some of my coworkers, I heard a wonderful quote that I wanted to share with all of you."Education is not the easiest thing you will ever do, but it can be the most rewarding."- Dawn S.Wow.What an appropriate quote to describe The College Network. Whether you are working on your... Continue +
Setting the Bar
As many of you already know, a new year is a time for new promises. Each year, many people (myself included) set goals or resolutions for themselves which can oftentimes be very unrealistic."In 2012 I vow to lose 3000 lbs""In 2012 I vow to win the lottery""In 2012 I vow to stop watching Jersey Shore"These goals oftentimes lead... Continue +
We Have Room!
With the growing desire for more nurses to obtain their Bachelor's of Science in Nursing, programs are filling up very quickly.According to an article from the US News University Directory website, "Preliminary data from the report [completed by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing] shows that in 2011, about 51,082... Continue +
Thank You
As the holidays quickly approach, I find myself pondering my potential plans.Whose house will I be at on which day, what will we do for New Year's Eve, what presents will I be getting giving, etc.While considering my plans, I had a sudden realization: Nurses have to work EVERY day. There are ZERO days off in the field of... Continue +
Congratulations to Leigh W. from Merritt Island, FL!Leigh, who joined The College Network in August 2010, has recently finished all of his courses and passed his CPNE with Excelsior College for the ASN program. He is now preparing to take his RN NCLEX in January 2012. Congratulations again Leigh, and good luck on your NCLEX exam... Continue +
What Snow Day?
With the year coming up on my least favorite season once again, I think it's important to remember one of the major benefits of studying from home.While snow, ice, and rain may be issues that students at a traditional "brick & mortar" college may have to deal with, you can remain worry-free at home in your pajamas (or Snuggie)... Continue +
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