Summer Days

So it's mid June and Summer is officially in motion. If not already out, children will soon be leaving classTerrorizing for the summer and heading home to terrorize and occupy all of their parent's time.

It's hard to believe that even as busy as you already were, you now may have to devote even more time to watching children while they're back for the summer. How can you possibly fit in time to study in The College Network online Resource Center? won't be easy, but it will be worth it. It's very important to make sure that you are still studying and putting time into your online degree program, even if isn't the amount of time that you are used to studying.

While I still encourage you to enjoy your summer to the fullest, it's important not to set your studies aside for the entire next two months. "Why is this?" you may ask, "I used to do it when I was in high school".

When you put something off for a long period of time (for example: the whole summer), you tend to not want to start it up again with the same enthusiasm that you may have once had. When do most people seem to get this "oomph" back? Probably right around New Year's Eve for their resolution.

So essentially, taking off two months can quickly lead to taking off 6 months. 6 months? For some of you, that could be half of your program!

In addition to procrastination, not studying for 2 months can often lead you to feel like you need to start over. It's easy to forget important information if you were still in the midst of learning it.

"Okay, okay! We get your point. So how can we make sure we continue to study this Summer?"

Summer SunBy setting a schedule, of course! While I don't expect you to stick to it 100% of the time (enjoy your summer!), I do ask that you try to stick to it 80% of the time. Even if you slow down to only 5 hours per week during the Summer, schedule time to study just like you would to work.

If you can do this and stick to it, I can almost guarantee that you will make it a routine and finish your program up in no time.

So best of luck parents, make a schedule and stick to it. Your progress will be your success!

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