Rita Parker has been a LPN for 30 years. “Nursing was just something I’ve always wanted to do,” she said. With all the changes occurring in health care, Rita recognized that she needed to further her education to secure her future in a hospital nursing career. “I wanted to further my education to advance my career. Hospitals are... Continue +
“I have been an LPN for 20 years and knew that it was time to get my RN. I have procrastinated for many years but made a promise this year to start the program,” says Associate of Science in Nursing degree customer Cecilia Portillo. “I received an email from a friend with The College Network information attached. When I... Continue +
Earning a Master of Science in Nursing degree has a purpose for Carla Stevens that goes beyond advancing her credentials. “I intend to travel to third world countries and teach nursing to the locals. Too many times, we send missionaries oversees, and we can teach the people to help themselves. I am traveling to Africa... Continue +
Kristy Purvis had known for about a decade that she wanted to advance her nursing degree. “I knew that I wanted to advance my degree as soon as I graduated from LPN school; however, time got away from me. I looked up one day and realized that I had been a nurse for almost 10 years and still had not gone back to get my RN,”... Continue +
A love for learning is what motivated Michelle to advance her education. “I love the fields of nursing and education.  I enjoy learning more about medicine and how it applies to life so that I can educate those around me also.  Since earning my practical nursing degree in 2007, I have wanted to continue my education in order to... Continue +
Arlene enrolled in an online Associate of Science in Nursing degree program with help from The College Network™. “I learned about The College Network from a friend whom I worked with for a brief while. My friend happened to stop by my place of employment and informed me she was continuing her education to become an RN,” Arlene... Continue +
After working as a Licensed Vocational Nurse for a long time, Elizabeth Hill decided to begin working towards her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Indiana State University with help from The College Network™. “I thought it would be a great way to earn my BSN that would be a lot more convenient as a working, divorced... Continue +
Ian Stewart became a paramedic in 2010. Although he loves his job, a life-changing event has led him to consider a new career. “My wife is pregnant with our second child. I’m a paramedic now, and I like the work. I’m proud of what I do, but it simply doesn’t pay very well. Using my certifications as a springboard to a... Continue +
“I have always wanted to be an RN,” says Alecia Howard, who is a customer of The College Network and working toward her Associate of Science in Nursing degree program. For Alecia, earning an advanced degree means increasing her knowledge base as well as her earning potential, but her biggest inspiration is her family.“I needed... Continue +
After a long career as an LPN, Cecilia Portillo made the decision to go back to school and advance her education in an effort to move up the career ladder. “I have been an LPN for 20 years and knew that it was time to get my RN. I have procrastinated for many years but made a promise this year to start the... Continue +
For Mosi Asabi, nursing is the perfect career. “I wanted to be able to enjoy a comfortable living while doing the job I love,” she said. “Nursing is a very rewarding experience, helping others physically, but also emotionally.”Mosi wants to expand her nursing career and she knows that earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing... Continue +
“To become a registered nurse has always been a desire of mine, but I started a family before completing school. So, after my children were all grown and out of school, I decided it was my turn,” says Emily Burton who is earning her Associate of Science in Nursing Degree and is a customer of The College Network.For Emily, it was... Continue +
Becoming an RN was something that Melodie Walton had always planned on, but just hadn’t made time for. “I talked about it for a long time. I was getting feedback from many different angles. Then I just did it,” she says.Melodie enrolled in an online Associate of Science in Nursing Degree program with help from The... Continue +
Like many LPNs, Holly Ashley wanted more opportunity for her career. She knew the only way to achieve her goals was to earn her RN, which is why she enrolled in an online Associate of Science in Nursing Degree program with help from The College Network.Holly found great success when using The College Network's Comprehensive... Continue +
An unexpected life event is what led Karen Burns, customer of The College Network, to earn her Associate of Science in Nursing Degree through an online program. “I was in a traditional associate program when I had a medical issue happen,” Karen says. “At that time, I needed to find a better way to become an RN after missing too... Continue +
For Sherry Luckenbaugh, earning her online nursing degree was more than just a career move. "My dream had been to become an RN." Sherry was working as an LPN when she decided to enroll in the Associate of Science in Nursing Degree program. "I was encouraged to use The College Network from my coworker," she says.Sherry... Continue +
Pam Sleet has an important job in value engineering and decided to earn her Lean Six Sigma online so she could gain job related knowledge without interrupting her personal life. “My role requires me to collaborate with the manufacturing and supply chain teams,” Pam says. “The LAM can elevate my credibility with these groups and... Continue +
"Online education makes returning to school more manageable. Make no mistake, online education is not easy. It requires commitment, motivation and self-discipline, and lots of hard work. The expectations of Regis University online students were the same as the graduate students on campus," Sheila Blackmur said of her experience... Continue +
Lloyd Snider is a single dad of two sons, a caretaker for his elderly father and a full time paramedic. For Lloyd, his 23 years of service as a paramedic, working 24 hour shifts at a time and lifting lots of heavy loads, has taken a toll on his body. “I am nearing the end of my [paramedic] career. Health care is a logical choice... Continue +
A life changing event is what led Tamara Tuller to enroll in an online Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree program. She was immigrating to Canada with her husband, a Canadian, who owns a fishing resort there. “I wanted my education to be on par with the standards for registered nurses in British Columbia,” Tamara said.Tamara... Continue +
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