Study with your Kids!

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a customer of The College Network regarding her study habits and how she prepares for exams. She had progressed at a moderate pace and is doing quite well with her exams. She is like most of our customers, a working mother pursuing her degree who has to balance her job, family, and schooling.

She mentioned the other day that she found a creative way to study. Apparently, she has her children (who are between the ages of 10-14) read her Comprehensive Learning Module lessons to her while she is preparing dinner or cleaning the kitchen. She divulged that she does this mainly as a “punishment” option; however I advised this is a creative use of time for all!

As I explained to her, while she gains the benefits of hearing the module information (as she is an Auditory learner), her children are also gaining practice with building their reading comprehension and fluency. Winners all around! Not only are there educational benefits, but she is able to spend time with her children.  I also advised that she can keep this practice going with reviewing key terms. She can quiz her children on their vocabulary words and they can quiz her.

Pursuing any education program does take a huge time commitment, however with a little creativity, you do not have to let the other responsibilities in your life fall to the way side.

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