Sibling Rivalry
"You're not old enough.."
"Maybe when you're older..."
"You can't you're too small..."

Who remembers hearing this as a kid? (Raises hand)

Whenever I wanted to tag along with my older cousins, these were the lines I would usually hear from them.  When I speak with LPNs who are interested in pursing their Associate Degree in Nursing or BS in Nursing degree, their frustration is that they are limited in what they can do based on their title as opposed to their experience.  Much like a younger siblings there is an idea that LPNs are "too young" in relation to RNs.  

I'm not big on titles, and I do understand the importance of experience, but now we are beginning to see LPN positions getting smaller in hospitals and the responsibilities on single employees increasing in departments that need as many hands on deck as possible.  It's understandable that no one wants to go back to school after having already gone through the experience with the expectation that sitting in a classroom would be a thing of the past after getting a degree that says, "I can work and I can get paid to do it."  But employers expectations are changing and with that, college degrees are expected to be listed on resumes for practically every job.  According to a nurse I spoke with a while ago: 
"Two years spent working on a degree sounds a lot better than two years looking for a job..."

At this point in our lives no one wants to be told that they're not "old enough" to do something they're passionate about.

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