Salute to Nurses Student of the Year - Alexis Martin!

The College Network is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and we are proud to congratulate a local hero! Indiana University Kokomo nursing student Alexis Martin recently received the Indianapolis Star's $3,500 "Salute to Nurses Student of the Year" scholarship. She was the first on the scene of a serious car accident in January, and she dialed 911 and attended to the injured persons until help arrived. 

“Alexis’ rapid, calm response in an emergency is an example of what we hope for from all of our students and graduates,” said Linda Wallace, Dean of the School of Nursing.  “She did us all proud, serving our community in a meaningful manner in a time of need.”

Reflecting upon that fateful day, Alexis remarks “That was confirmation I had it in me to have a positive impact on someone’s life. That was the moment I knew I was meant to be here and to be a nurse.”

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