For many adult learners, reentering the academic world can be a bit intimidating. There have been quite a few changes to education over the last ten years, including the continued growth of distance learning. Edudemic recently published an infographic pinpointing some of the most important skills and attributes today’s... Continue +
Are you feeling burnt out on bedside nursing care? You're not alone! And lucky for you, there are a number of nursing careers that go beyond the bedside. One such career is that of nurse writer. Your knowledge and experience as a bedside nurse can help you succeed as a nurse writer. But what exactly does a nurse writer do?... Continue +
As a woman who is currently in her third trimester of pregnancy, I feel a special connection to the work performed by certified nurse-midwives (CNMs). The University of Cincinnati recently published an infographic that details the role of a certified nurse-midwife. If you're looking for a new nursing career path, consider... Continue +
The Institute of Medicine's influential report The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health is turning three! Developed by the Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing and published in early 2011, the report serves as a roadmap for the field of nursing. According to the... Continue +
I have been fortunate enough to meet thousands of nurses across Michigan over the years. All of whom are motivated and driven to care for those in need. These nurses are truly special and vital to making the world a better place. They want the best care for their patients. There have been many theories over the years as to how... Continue +
I recently started a blog series (with this post) that showcases some unique careers in the nursing field. The second unique nursing career I'd like to highlight is that of a flight nurse. Flight nurses work aboard airplanes or helicopters as part of aeromedical teams that rescue critically injured patients from... Continue +
May is upon us, which—here in the great city of Indianapolis, where The College Network is headquartered—means it's time for the 500 Festival! The 500 Festival is a month-long celebration that culminates with the Indy 500 auto race. One of the most popular festival events is the Mini-Marathon, which is the largest half marathon... Continue +
An excerpt from an article that appeared in The Dallas Morning News appears below. The article highlights how nurses can both lower healthcare expenses and help to ease the primary-care crunch. Sandy McCoy, recently named nurse practitioner of the year by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, shares some interesting views... Continue +
It's a Nurse's Market
We've been hearing the same thing for years - there are thousands of nursing jobs just waiting to be filled, plenty of opportunity, etc. We hear these implicit phrases frequently, but are they true? Where are the solid facts about the nursing job market? A recent article published on the Scrubs magazine web site attempts... Continue +
A recent joint UK and South African study shows that nurses taking over duties for HIV patients resulted in no negative impacts and actually showed patient benefits, including improvement in tuberculosis detection rates, increased weight and white blood cell count, and better compliance with the treatment program. This... Continue +
The College Network has exciting news for Texas LVNs! We are now making it possible to complete an LVN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program entirely through distance learning. This program, available through Indiana State University, will enable you to sit for your NCLEX-RN exam in Texas. As you know, registered nurses... Continue +
Some of our readers may not know that The College Network is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. This news should be of interest to readers everywhere, but we are proud to see Indianapolis standing out as a paragon of healthcare.  The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses has selected six Indianapolis hospitals to be the... Continue +
Nurses and students from San Angelo State University recently took a trip to Kenya and held a five day medical clinic in an impoverished rural community. They were able to treat 600 people during the course of the clinic, which was located in the village of Kamuya, town of Kisumu on Lake Victoria, which is a little over 200... Continue +
Payment Options
I have lots of customers that ask me how to best pay for online, self-paced education and training programs offered through The College Network.  I have great news for you all - we offer guaranteed, no-interest and interest financing plans to help you effectively budget the investment of your program over a period of time!  So,... Continue +
Hard Hats to Scrubs
There seems to be a strong stereotype that follows the Nursing profession around. People tend to think of nurses as women and men are not prevalent in the field. While in the past it may have been common to see very few men in the field, it seems as if that is all about to change. In an article that I recently read, it... Continue +
Setting your sights on becoming a CRNA, or Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, is another great reason to become an RN. CNRAs typically earn $150,000 and up per year due to their specialized training. "The cost of educating and training a nurse anesthetist is a fraction of the cost of educating an anesthesiologist and... Continue +
I am re-posting an article written by Tera Tuten, which appears on Healthcare Finance News, because I think it is extremely relevant to our readers. Social media advice tailored to nurses is a very different sort of RN training!  Online education certainly takes many forms.Changing jobs as a mid-level nurse: Social media... Continue +
Today, I spoke with a nurse on the phone who has no choice but to leave the profession due to an injury at work; her story is not unique, unfortunately.  The California Nurses Association reports that about 12% of the nursing workforce leaves the profession annually due to back injuries, and their recent lobbying has helped to... Continue +
New Year's Resolution
There are three months left in this year which means many of us have three months to complete, continue, or start our 2011 New Year's Resolutions.  My first resolution, this year, was to lose weight through eating proper meals and exercise. I think I did pretty good for myself considering my pants no longer fit me like skinny... Continue +
In a recent article published in the Middletown Journal it was announced that Miami University which is one of Ohio's top nursing programs is ending its two year nursing degree programs to concentrate on four year and bachelor's degree completion programs.  This is big news considering the fact that Miami University reportedly... Continue +
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