Laura did her research. She looked at a lot of different programs and options before she decided which educational path was best for her. In the end, she choose to go with The College Network and Regis University's RN to MSN bridge program. "it gave me the flexibility that I really didn't have with any the other programs that I... Continue +
Welcome to the Bridge!
Bridge is defined as a connecting, transitional, or intermediate route or phase between two adjacent elements, activities, conditions, or the like.  As an Appointment Coordinator, I have a lot of time to think about bridges and talk about them with people who need them.  The College Network's bridge programs are a lot like... Continue +
It has taken me 20 years to become a Nurse. I finished high school in 1979 and was a CNA when I graduated. My teacher encouraged me to be a nurse due to my good grades/clincial in her class past two years of school.Nursing class was full so I entered the ORT program and graduated. I got married had three children and could not... Continue +
Statistics show that when the economy takes a turn for the worst, interest in graduate school increases.  According to an article in the Chicago Sun-Times, "Graduate schools locally and nationally are posting record numbers of applicants and enrollments."Good news - with The College Network, you don't have to put your life on... Continue +
There was an article this morning on that talks about how a report done by the Institute of Medicine discusses how nurses should "take on a larger and more independent role in providing health care in America, something many doctors have repeatedly opposed, citing potential safety concerns. It calls for states and the... Continue +
Since the Affordable Care Act was passed in March of this year there have already been several changes that have taken place. Last week I talked about changes that went into effect on September 23. Here is the list of changes that had already been made since the law was passed. January 1, 2010: Providing Small Business Health... Continue +
Shawn Camp knows a thing or two about becoming certified in his field. He already has his Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and his Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) certificates. “I have a bachelor’s in computer information,” Shawn said. “I wanted to earn my Certificate in Project Management because that certification... Continue +
Want to be a millionaire?
A popular TV show has that title Who Wants to be a Millionaire and attracts a large TV audience weekly to see who will win. It is a game of chance. When you look up the definition of the word millionaire it describes it as somebody with a net worth or income more then 1 million dollars or another unit of currency. It is also... Continue +
An article on last week reiterated what I'd been taught when I came to work for The College Network: make sure you know if the school you're planning to attend is regionally or nationally accredited. There's a big difference. For one thing, nationally accredited schools will often accept credits from regionally... Continue +
We are already at Wednesday of Training Week!  It is amazing how fast the week flies.  We spent the morning talking about all things "e-related".  The College Network has a host electronic programs and Internet and computer-based resources to be used by either our Program Advisors (PA) or customers.  We spent a lot of... Continue +
This summer has been a great time for many of New Mexico's finest to take that first step toward earning a degree.  Just some of the many new students from all around The Land of Enchantment include:Tasha L. - Las Vegas, NM - ASNAntoinette G. - Albuquerque, NM - ASNTaran A. - Grants, NM - ASNTonya C. - Gallup, NM - BSNBarbara L.... Continue +
Continuing on the article from Chief Learning Officer magazine (Aug 2010) - One Size Fits One by Owen J. Sullivan.Last week I was commenting on an article regarding the development and retention of the best talent for an organization, mentioning step one (Inventory current talent and identify future needs) and step two... Continue +
I was reading an article on the other day that was advice from a new nursing student to others getting ready to begin their studies. Her own best friend who'd already been through the experience wouldn't give her advice. All she told her was 'You'll figure it out on your own soon enough.'She did give her own pieces... Continue +
1.  Learn at your place at your pace.2.  No classroom attendance.3.  Transfer credit acceptance.4.  Start when you want to - no waiting lists.5.  Affordable.6.  Convenient.7.  Regional and NLN accreditation.8.  Personalized academic support.9.  Success guarantee.10. The College Network is partnered with the NAEMT.Paramedics are... Continue +
Increase your pay, secure your position, and earn more respect by getting your advanced nursing degree with no campus attendance. The College Network has developed a revolutionary new program that allows you to earn your degree at half the cost and in half the time of traditional schools without interrupting your home or work... Continue +
Are you an LPN with a strong desire to gain the education you need in order to assume the responsibilities of an RN? Or, perhaps you're an RN who would really love to pursue your MS in Nursing Education or Nursing Management. You know you have the critical thinking skills and compassion you need, in order to keep on surpassing... Continue +
We want to be with you during your educational experience. It is important, however, that you remain motivated and focused on earning your degree. If you ever feel yourself losing speed and wanting to give up, just remember to REACH. That is an acronym I created that helps me stay on track with my own goals, so I thought I would... Continue +
The life of an LVN can be riddled with many challenges. On a daily basis, you may encounter patient infections, health risks and diseases, and be exposed to a number of different kinds of patients. Fortunately for students, many online healthcare schools offer nursing programs so that LVN's can advance from this role to the next... Continue +
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