Purdue Lean Six Sigma FAQs
At The College Network, we pride ourselves on offering the finest self-paced education and training possible.  Here is a quick look at the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program available through Purdue University.  Enjoy!

Do I have to list this as an online program on my resume?

On your resume, you would list this program as the Purdue Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.  You do not have to indicate it was online.

Are there start dates for the Green Belt courses and if so, when are they?
The Green Belt class has specific enrollment dates because you have an actual live instructor that is available via email and phone correspondence.  Lean Six Sigma Green Belt courses start the first Wednesday of each month.

Is this program just your Green Belt, or do you offer a Black Belt as well?

The Green Belt course, and the Advanced Lean Principles & Tools course are both prerequisites to be eligible to take the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course through Purdue.  The full 3 course program is designed to help you achieve your certificate AND certification as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Advanced Lean, and Black Belt.

How does Lean Six Sigma differ from just Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is similar to Six Sigma, but encompasses the Lean Methodology in its principles.  Honestly, straight Six Sigma classes are going to be very similar to the Lean Six Sigma courses, but Purdue feels it is best to do a combination to achieve the best results within any project or process.

Do I need to be in any specific industry to take this program?

The good news with the Purdue's Lean Six Sigma program is that it is not specific to any one field.  These principles can be used in any project or process that you are trying to improve (Lean is designed to streamline production and eliminate waste, and Six Sigma will focus on improving overall quality through statistical analysis among other methods).  Course participants vary sometimes significantly with what field they are in, from an engineering, logistics, or healthcare background to finance, sales, and even marketing.  The end goal of all 3 courses is to give you the certification, and most importantly, knowledge you need to successfully go out and use these principles immediately to complete Green Belt/Advanced Lean/Black Belt level projects or processes.

If you have any other questions or would like to explore enrolling into the Purdue Lean Six Sigma program, please let us know and we'll be happy to help!

Kevin Burton, Program Advisor, kburton@collegenetwork.com, 1-800-307-1006 Ext. 4734

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