Project Management Professionals Exam

Have you been told or have you always thought that being a project manager would be an ideal fit for you because you are not only organized, but that you find it fullfilling to execute a project?

So the best thing to do is to first find Courses for Project Management that will help you get the basic knowledge that you need in order to get Training for Project Management.

After that, then you will need to document 3-5 years of work experience in project management, as well as complete 35 hours of project managemnet training and then passing the Project Management Professionals (PMP) exam.

The exam is made up of  200 multiple choice questions based on the PMP Examination Specification.  The exam is divided into the following categories and percentage of questions:

  1. 11% covers Initiating the Project
  2. 23% covers Planning the Project
  3. 27% covers Executing the Project
  4. 21% covers Monitoring and Controlling the Project
  5. 9% covers Closing the Project
  6. 9% covers Professional and Social Responsibility
At The College Network Online, we have a lot of resources that will help you be on your way to a rewarding career in project management, but will also start to prepare you for the exam.

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