It's that wonderful time of year, December holiday season.  As stressful, exhilarating, and downright fun this time of year can be, it's also time for the New Year and resolutions it brings.  A yearly review of where you are now compared to where you wanted to be, and where you need to go from here.  If you are reading this, you... Continue +
Feeling a little stressed by the Holidays?  Let's see, you've bought for your spouse, your kids, parents/grandparents, your boss, your secretary, don't want to forget anyone!What about the most important gift?  Don't forget to give yourself the gift of completing your education and career goals by earning your Project Management... Continue +
I am currently working on a project at The College Network which emphasizes our commitment to our customers' success. We offer an a plethora of courses for adults looking to continue their education.Whether you are looking to earn a better salary by upgrading your EMT to RN (with the Online Paramedic to RN Program), RN to MSN,... Continue +
Something I have noticed throughout my career is that in many organizations there is a disconnect between doing a job well and being prepared to succeed. This disconnect leads to frustration as employees, on every level including management, fail to meet the expectations passed down through the chain of command. Having worked in... Continue +
I just updated my Adobe CS5 package this week. I was so happy when I saw the update for Dreamweaver included HTML5 extensions. HTML5 is the upcoming standard for web development. If you own an iPad, I am sure you're aware of HTML5. The major roadblock is that the amount of iPad users is so small, and most people do not... Continue +
 Not being fulfilled in your career can lead to problems that show up in other areas of your life. We spend the majority of our lives at work, and a significant amount of that time spent being unhappy can lead to a short temper away from work. Or it can result  in a short wave of anxiety on Sunday night when you think of work on... Continue +
Imagine for a moment that in your driveway you have a time machine.  Let's say a DeLorean and you are going to play the part of Marty McFly.  You have the ability to load the plutonium into the machine, and set your Flux Capacitor to anytime in the past.  Where would you go?  Would you go back and change decisions you've made? ... Continue +
Mitzi Young’s interest in human resources began when she was a manager. “I’d been managing people for a long time, and as I went along in my career, I became more and more interested in HR,” Mitzi said. “When you manage people, you often have to deal with the same issues as HR people, so I thought it would be a good next step... Continue +
Since the Affordable Care Act was passed in March of this year there have already been several changes that have taken place. Last week I talked about changes that went into effect on September 23. Here is the list of changes that had already been made since the law was passed. January 1, 2010: Providing Small Business Health... Continue +
Shawn Camp knows a thing or two about becoming certified in his field. He already has his Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and his Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) certificates. “I have a bachelor’s in computer information,” Shawn said. “I wanted to earn my Certificate in Project Management because that certification... Continue +
"Honey, are you sure you know where you are going?" or "Why don't you stop and ask for directions."  I'm sure I am not the only man in this world who hears this from time to time from the "better half." (I think I hear more than most however)  And one of my favorite quotes is "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm making good... Continue +
Cool Runnings
"Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it's bobsled time!"  And so takes off the true life turned Disney movie favorite Jamaican Bobsled Team.  This inspiring story has stuck with me since I saw the movie Cool Runnings many years ago in the movie theater, and all those times I've watched it since.  This story parallels... Continue +
Dana Mills had experience with web-based learning before beginning her Certificate in Project Management from Boston University Corporate Education Center. “I found it to be pretty easy since I’d done it once before,” she said. “Overall I would rate my experience as a solid eight.”Dana worked in the project management field... Continue +
Company Pride
After working at The College Network for the last few months I am really glad to be here. It is very important for me believe in the business I work for. We really are doing a good thing by offering inexpensive nursing degrees through good nursing schools which are regionaly accredited (which actually trumps... Continue +
Human Resources plays a significant role, not only in human-capital development, but in how human capital can contribute to the execution of organizational and business strategies. The development and execution of a human resources strategy that is aligned with organizational goals and matched to an organization’s competencies... Continue +
I'm sorry if I can't hide my excitement.  If I seem a little too happy these days, I have my reasons.  FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE!! Professional, College, Arena, High School and yes, even Canadian Football has it merits.  On Sunday at game time, I turn off my cell phone, turn the ringer off on the house phone, disconnect the... Continue +
3 Questions!
 My job title is Program Advisor.  My job at The College Network is to advise individuals looking to further their career growth and development with online programs from some of the top universities around the country.  Part of my job as an advisor is to ask basic questions, such as....1)  What made you inquire into this... Continue +
Continuing on the article from Chief Learning Officer magazine (Aug 2010) - One Size Fits One by Owen J. Sullivan.Last week I was commenting on an article regarding the development and retention of the best talent for an organization, mentioning step one (Inventory current talent and identify future needs) and step two... Continue +
We Are The Champions
My job at The College Network is to be your program advisor - not sell you on our program - but be the person who gives you objective advice and educates you on what our program details are and what it can help you accomplish.  Even though it is my job to help you; I genuinely want to help each and every person I speak with,... Continue +
I had an opportunity to read an article in the August 2010 issue of Chief Learning Officer Magazine that discussed the current trend in talent management to create a work experience for employees that allows them to feel more empowered to act in the best interest of the organization.  The article, titled "One Size Fits One" by... Continue +
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