Primary Care Office Nurses

Primary care nurses are responsible for administering direct care to patients and managing the daily functioning of the practice office. These nurses are expected to offer direct assistance to patients and can treat many ailments by themselves or with the help of a doctor. If required, the nurse should be able to direct the patients to a specialist for further treatment.

Often, primary care nurses are exposed only to a specific set of patients as the office they are assigned or work in would cater to a certain section of the population. For example, offices can be dedicated to women, elderly or to those with mental illnesses.

The primary care nurse is the first one to be encountered in a clinic or office. He or she enquires after one’s health and evaluates the symptoms. The information obtained is then relayed to the doctor in charge to ensure faster response and treatment.

Primary care nurses are expected to have extensive knowledge of clinical skills and of a wide variety of injuries and sicknesses. They should have office management skills and be capable of offering direct care.

Registered Nurses RN with a diploma from one of the good nursing schools in the United States, and an Associates Degree in Nursing or a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing are deemed qualified to work as a primary care nurse. Most offices, however, require a certification to that effect. Primary Nurses are employed by ambulatory care clinics, outpatient care centers, clinics and  at HMOs.

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