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Most of my customers, before joining their program of choice, will make sure and research The College Network. I, for one, think that is fantastic, because it shows their passion for completing the right program to suit their needs. But, don't believe everything you see out there.

The negative things you have seen across the Internet, they are not indicative of what our company is about.  We have successfully helped almost 180,000 students further their education, and unfortunately some have given up on their dreams and blamed us because of it.  The main chunk of our business is for people completing nursing degrees online where we supply them with the educational material they need to test out of their college courses.  We also partner with schools: Boston University, Purdue University, The George Washington University, Indiana State University, Regis University, and Lake Superior State University and even professional organizations to help people enroll into their professional certificate programs and/or online degree programs.
For the Paralegal Certificate program, we do the enrollment and marketing, but the learning material, classes, instructors and certificate all come from the school itself, not The College Network. You will receive a world-class education experience from Boston University online. Don't let negative comments from someone who gave up on their dream discourage you from pursuing your goals, especially when they are most likely referencing a completely different program. Here is a link to some of the success stories from people who have earned their Paralegal Certificate: click here.
Thanks again for your interest in the program, and as always, please let me know if you have any other questions or would like to enroll.
Kevin Burton, Program Advisor, kburton@collegenetwork.com, 1-800-307-1006 Ext.4734

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