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Working for The College Network's Training Department is definitely never boring!  I go home at the end of each day with my head spinning from the vast that I've handled throughout the day.  With so many partner schools, online training programs and educational opportunities, it never ceases to amaze me how many different topics we deal with each and every day.

"Training Week" is what we are known for here in Corporate Training, but it is really just a small portion of what we do.  The majority of each day is spent researching and answering questions posed to us by The College Network Program Advisors.  When a Program Advisor runs into a unique situation or doesn't know how to handle a specific nuance of a client meeting, we are here to help.  If someone wants to know the "latest and greatest" about online nursing education, they call us in Training. 

Hundreds of times a month we are the people a Program Advisor reaches out to when they need an answer. During the short period of time I have been writing this blog post, I have received calls about general computer issues, if the ISU LPN-BSN program is accepted in Alaska (the answer is "yes" BTW), our partnership with The George Washington University and some basic info about our online learning environment we have for customers and Program Advisors alike.

Recently, one of our newest Program Advisors termed it best when he called.  He said he was "phoning a friend" in reference to the former "lifeline" on the television show, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire".  It made me smile, thinking of how nervous contestants called for help with tricky situations.  I like being a part of the team that does this for our Program Advisors! 

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