Paramedic to RN--It's Easier Than You Think

Did you know as a Paramedic, you can earn your Associate Degree in Nursing degree in as little as 18 months and continue to work while you do it?    

As a paramedic, you are used to working long hours.  Oftentimes, you might be on call for 24 hours straight.  Being an registered nurse will afford you the opportunity to work on a set schedule and usually 40 hours a week (some nurses work more hours if they want to pick up extra shifts).  

Now, let's talk about your salary.  Registered nurses earn on average twice as much as paramedics. While according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics both fields will grow between now and the year 2020, as a paramedic to RN you have more job opportunities and will be able to earn more.  

I spoke to one of our customers about his experience, as a paramedic who earned his associate degree from a leading university using The College Network to move into a nursing role. It gave him a great foundation and helps him in his current role as an emergency room nurse working with critical patients.  You can read more about William's story here.  

If you want to learn more about the paramedic to RN program, please check out our website.  Or you can always call one our Program Advisors at 800-395-1014 for more information. 


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