As the season changes and we put a winter for the record books behind us, are you thinking of doing some spring cleaning? Perhaps the aspect of your life most in need of spring cleaning is not your house, but your career. Is it time to be out with an old career, in with a new one? If you’ve been considering a career in the... Continue +
According to the National Association for Law Placement, only 65.4 percent of current law school grads are working in a job that requires passing the bar exam, and 12 percent are unemployed. "What is going on in the market is absolutely catastrophic," said Craig Boise, dean of Cleveland State University's... Continue +
After building a 25-year career as a paralegal, my world came to an end with the recession in 2008. Months of trying to be re-hired lead me nowhere. As a single mother of two teenagers, I decided to try the medical field and trained to become a CNA. Today, I'm almost finished with my RN studies and hope to continue on for my... Continue +
Something I have noticed throughout my career is that in many organizations there is a disconnect between doing a job well and being prepared to succeed. This disconnect leads to frustration as employees, on every level including management, fail to meet the expectations passed down through the chain of command. Having worked in... Continue +
Berthyle already had a bachelor’s in psychology but found that wasn’t enough. “I initially wanted a master’s degree because of how difficult it is to find a job with just a bachelor’s degree. My dream job is to be a lawyer, but unfortunately the cost is too great,” she said. “That’s when I became very interested in a paralegal... Continue +
Immunity Idol
Immunity is back up for grabs!  Just like on the hit reality TV show Survivor you too have a chance at achieving something to help save yourself from elimination.  The College Network offers you lots of options to help yourself rise to the top of whatever "game" (career path) you are in.Although myself or The College Network can... Continue +
I'm sorry if I can't hide my excitement.  If I seem a little too happy these days, I have my reasons.  FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE!! Professional, College, Arena, High School and yes, even Canadian Football has it merits.  On Sunday at game time, I turn off my cell phone, turn the ringer off on the house phone, disconnect the... Continue +
3 Questions!
 My job title is Program Advisor.  My job at The College Network is to advise individuals looking to further their career growth and development with online programs from some of the top universities around the country.  Part of my job as an advisor is to ask basic questions, such as....1)  What made you inquire into this... Continue +
We Are The Champions
My job at The College Network is to be your program advisor - not sell you on our program - but be the person who gives you objective advice and educates you on what our program details are and what it can help you accomplish.  Even though it is my job to help you; I genuinely want to help each and every person I speak with,... Continue +
I'll admit, I've been watching the news casts, reading the sports section with added excitement, viewing ESPN's website hoping to get some information about where LeBron James is going to play basketball next season.  Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Cleveland, Miami the list goes on.  It got me to thinking how nice life would be... Continue +
Busy professionals who desire to upgrade their professional lives can earn their paralegal degrees online.  Boston University offers busy professionals a 14 week course that will allow them to gain their paralegal certificate. This online certificate is ideal for professionals who already possess a college degree and are... Continue +
It is anticipated that the paralegal field will have a rapid employment growth in the next few years. Despite these projections, paralegal jobs are expected to be highly competitive. Individuals with formal training and prior experience will fare the best. 71% of paralegals work in law firms. However, all types of organizations... Continue +
During my days of classroom instruction, I taught courses on a variety of topics that ranged from technical communication to 3D modeling and animation. One of my favorite courses was Advanced Interactive Media. I liked teaching this course because the students who enrolled were far enough along in their program that they were... Continue +'s summer!  No doubt you have lots of activities to occupy your time.  But guess what....summer is one of the best times to get started on reaching your dream of completing a new Associates Degree in Nursing Online.  Or, perhaps a Certificate of Project Management; maybe Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Paralegal Career... Continue +
A Day In The Life
Due to popular request from a few of my colleagues, I'd like to give some insight into a day in the life of a house program advisor at The College Network.  The story you are about to read is true.  Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.8:45 AM - Arrived at work, checked my messages and the only one I had was... Continue +
If you are looking to advance your career in the legal field, you are on the right track. The legal field is experiencing growth and is expected to continue to grow even through the current economy. With this growth, paralegals are becoming more and more in demand. Law firms are looking to paralegals to perform many... Continue +
SHOW ME THE MONEY!! Anyone who has ever seen the movie Jerry McGuire knows that line.  One of the questions I ask any student who calls me about The College Network online certificate programs such as the Certificate of Project Management, Paralegal training courses, Human Resources, or Lean Six Sigma certification, is why are... Continue +
Missed Opportunity
I've heard it said that a missed opportunity is a result of a chance you didn't take.  Or you could insert your own cliche here.  Every day at The College Network, I talk to scores of people from as varied walks of life as you can imagine, from engineer to waitress to a scared recent college graduate.  The one common topic when... Continue +
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