Outlook on the Nursing Job Market
jobsBy now you have probably heard about the projections for growth in the nursing job market over the next several years. R.N. jobs are expected to grow by 22% by the year 2018 meaning there should be around 582,000 new nursing jobs between now and then. If you are a recent graduate from a nursing program or are preparing to graduate soon, there are many options for RN careers. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects growth for four different industries within the nursing field and they are as follows: Offices of physicians  48%, Home health care services  33%, Nursing care facilities  25%, Hospitals, both public and private  17%.

Although hospitals are the largest industry in healthcare, the job growth is expected to slow down. The reason being is that more procedures are being done in doctor's offices and outpatient centers these days. The aging baby boomer generation will contribute to the need for more jobs in home health and nursing care facilities.

The average RN salary is around $62,000 annually, with the highest 10% earning more than $90,000 and the lowest 10% earning less than $42,000. A large factor that could affect the salary earned is the nursing school program that was completed by an individual. Those with Bachelor's and Master's degrees are likely to hold positions that have higher salaries.

Whether you've recently completed your nursing program or will be doing so in the near future, you are coming into the nursing job market at an opportune time. And, for those of you thinking of making a career change or about to enter a degree program, nursing is a great choice for a stable career.

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