Online Nursing Education Programs Can Jump Start Your Career
If you’re considering a career in nursing, you know that a quality education is essential. Getting that education on your schedule, quickly and at a reasonable price can be a challenge. Online education for nursing provides solutions no matter what kind of career in nursing you desire.

For those just beginning their careers, certification as an LPN or LVN is a typical starting point. Students with practical experience in the health care field can advance rapidly with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSN degree. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree outside health care take fewer academic courses and move quickly into hands-on training.

Online nursing school programs allow you to complete most academic coursework on a flexible schedule that meshes with your lifestyle. Lectures are recorded for access anytime and class discussions take place through forums, email or messaging. Externships, clinicals and certifications are often arranged at local clinics and hospitals.

With the growing shortage of nurses and nursing faculty, online programs offer a sensible alternative to an on-campus education. With flexible course scheduling and little or no commuting, costs in time and money are significantly reduced. Plus, many academic and continuing education courses can be “tested out” by taking college equivalency exams. Testing preparation services, such as The College Network, provide specified course materials and credits of successful candidates are transferred to participating colleges.

For more information on online nursing education programs, visit The College Network.

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