Online Degrees for Nursing Fast Track Your Career
Online Nursing Programs from The College NetworkIf you’re ready to jump start your career and begin your nursing education, online courses provide a convenient way to accelerate your coursework and complete your degree as quickly as possible. No matter where you want to work, what you want to specialize in or how busy your schedule is, there’s an online program that works for you.

Online programs combine academic course work with hands-on training for a continuing series of diplomas, including associate’s and bachelor’s degrees for LPNs/LVNs, RNs and paramedics, Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees, and master’s programs for advanced nursing professions. Whatever your interests, online degrees for nursing provide courses for all kinds of specializations and degrees.

The current nursing shortage allows nurses to go as far as they desire when they have the right combination of education and experience. Online nursing education programs provide you with the necessary credentials to move into positions of greater responsibility and to earn a larger salary.

Fortunately, online programs lessen the time it takes to get a degree and reduce the cost. In addition, college equivalency exams allow you to “test out” of some prerequisite and general education courses for even greater savings. The College Network provides you with study materials to pass end-of-course exams and then transfer your credits to participating colleges.

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