A home health nurse provides the access to freedom from hospitalization for many people.  A disabled person who needs medications and IV treatment can receive this care in the comfort of home when a nurse is able to come and treat them.  The nurse develops an individual medical care plan for each patient that enables them to... Continue +
Psychiatric Nursing involves approaching patients with behavioral disorders and bringing about a change in their understanding and outlook by offering them therapeutic help. Patients need to be viewed from a holistic perspective to enable a positive turn in behavior after taking into account physical and mental... Continue +
Due to improved medical technology, the field of neonatal nursing has become a specialty.  Now babies born with physical difficulties or birth defects and premature babies born with medical problems can survive, but they may need intensive care while in the hospital.  Nurses from good nursing schools and with some work... Continue +
Primary care nurses are responsible for administering direct care to patients and managing the daily functioning of the practice office. These nurses are expected to offer direct assistance to patients and can treat many ailments by themselves or with the help of a doctor. If required, the nurse should be able to direct... Continue +
If you are an LPN or an LVN, and are looking into Schools for Registered Nurses, then you might be interested in getting into some of the specialty disciplines that RNs are involved in.One is Acute Care Nursing.Acute Care nurses help to assess and provide care for patients that have acute conditions.  Acute conditions include... Continue +
If you are a paramedic, then you might want to know why on earth you'd want to go from a paramedic to RN.Here is a list of reasons why you might be interested in taking distance nursing programs through the College Network Online so that you can advance your nursing degree:581,500 new jobs are available for RNs according to the... Continue +
When you are a LPN or a LVN, the nursing specialties that you can get into are limited because of your degree.  Therefore, it's always a good idea to look into good nursing schools that offer inexpensive nursing degrees to help advance your education and get you the positions you deserve.For example, once you have acquired your... Continue +
An occupational health nurse is employed by a corporation or the government to oversee the health and safety of employees. This nurse will provide pre-employment medical exams and drug screenings, assess and treat employees who get sick or are injured at work, and provide counseling and support. After your accelerated nursing... Continue +
Perianesthesia nurses provide care to anesthetized patients before, during and after the operation. They explain the operative procedure to patients and help them relax. Throughout the period of anesthetization, and even after the operation, they maintain a sharp eye on the patient and report anything unusual to... Continue +
Rehabilitation Nurses care for patients who have gone through treatment and are on the path to recovery. These patients may be temporarily, progressively or permanently disabled as a result of their illness or accident. Rehabilitation Nurses help them to cope with these disabilities and continue to live normal lives despite the... Continue +
Flight nursing or transport nursing is caring for patients in critical situations that need to be transported by air.  Usually this transport is by helicopter and it is often to a large trauma center in a nearby city or state.  Burn victims are transported to specialized burn units.  Seriously injured children are often... Continue +
There are many specialities available to Registered Nurses RN upon receiving their nursing licenses.  The not so well known field of urology nursing is one of them.  This speciality deals with the urinary tracts, kidneys, bladders, ureters and urethras of both male and female patients.  The types of disease that this specialty... Continue +
Nurses that specialize in telemetry are involved with monitoring patient's various body signs electronically.  They might typically work in an intensive care unit, a cardiac care unit or following patients post operatively on a surgical floor.  Graduates from good nursing schools who are interested in this intense patient care... Continue +
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment for Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics is supposed to grow rapidly in the coming years.In order to be a EMT or a Paramedic, you need formal training and certification or licensure.  The requirements vary by state and some require ongoing Paramedic... Continue +
Did you know that you can get online degrees from leading universities without ever having to step foot on the campus of the actual university?If you are looking for accelerated nursing courses, then look no further than The College Network. As an LPN or an LVN, then you have filled the requirements to take a course online for... Continue +
Nursing is a very broad career term.  In fact, when it comes to registered nurses, there are many different career choices across all disciplines of the health care industry.Here is just a short list of the sorts of specializations you can get into as a RN:Acute CareAdministration/ManagementAllergy and ImmunologyAntepartum /... Continue +
As you would imagine, a labor and delivery nurse works closely with the patient as well as her family.They care for women who are in antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum, and neonatal stages of pregnancy, labor and birth.  A labor and delivery nurse deals with the patient whether she has complicated or uncomplicated labor and... Continue +
Have you been pondering the idea of becoming an RN?If you are an LPN or an LVN, then you are already half way there and all you need to do now sign up for one of the distance nursing programs where you can get one of the inexpensive nursing degrees to become a RN.As an LPN or LVN, there are two different types of degrees that... Continue +
Oncology nursing is a challenging and rewarding speciality to continue in when you have finished your accelerated nursing courses.  This nurse works with patients that have cancer. These are patients of all ages, from infant to adult.  A person dealing with cancer goes through many physical changes during the course and... Continue +
As a student at one of the good nursing schools, you are being exposed to the many different areas in which nurses can put their training to good use.  Community health nursing is a wide and varied speciality for nurses and uses most of the areas of training that a nurse has received.  This nurse, sometimes called a public... Continue +
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