Joe Roldan
José María Roldán, III "Joe" The College Network, Inc.Program Advisor, South Central Region - Texas(512) 378-0820   Continue +
"I came, I saw, I conquered" are the words that Jim from Kyle, Texas uttered to me last Monday after I helped him begin working on his LVN to RN program. These words were uttered by Julius Caesar in 47 BC.  Jim's motive for earning his RN were out of the ordinary.  Jim wants to create a legacy for himself, and give back to the... Continue +
Lately, as I drive around Central Texas working as a Program Advisor for The College Network, I have realized what an impact my job has on the lives of the nurses I meet with on a daily basis.  Most nurses are ready to advance their education for various reasons, some for monetary gain, some for career opportunities, and some... Continue +
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