Occupational Health Nursing
An occupational health nurse is employed by a corporation or the government to oversee the health and safety of employees. This nurse will provide pre-employment medical exams and drug screenings, assess and treat employees who get sick or are injured at work, and provide counseling and support. After your accelerated nursing courses, you can work for a large corporation and be a part of the risk management team.  This team would assess the workplace, identify health and safety problems and then advise the corporate managers how to improve the situation.

Another duty of the occupational health nurse is training of the supervisory staff in first aid and assessment of injured employees. A nurse with their ADN nursing degree will have the responsibility of managing employee health records and contacting employees if they need updating.  This nurse might also work on a corporate team that will develop and manage emergency procedures for the corporation.

An Occupational health nurse that has accelerated RN to BSN may end up managing the occupational health staff or running an occupational health center, as well as moving into nurse training or health service management.

Are you a Occupational health nurse?  Can you share with our readers a little bit about your job and what to expect if they are interested in being a Occupational health nurse?

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