Success is something everyone strives to achieve in one way or another. Whether it’s personal or professional success (or both), most human beings look to reach their goals and feel as though they have met a self-established potential. How people reach success is a frequently discussed topic, the subject of countless... Continue +
There was an article this morning on that talks about how a report done by the Institute of Medicine discusses how nurses should "take on a larger and more independent role in providing health care in America, something many doctors have repeatedly opposed, citing potential safety concerns. It calls for states and the... Continue +
We have such a great service at The College Network, it's a shame that we are not helping more of the people out there who are interested in our inexpensive nursing degrees and accelerated certificate programs.I have read some of our testimonials which have helped people who recently moved to the United States receive the proper... Continue +
Want to be a millionaire?
A popular TV show has that title Who Wants to be a Millionaire and attracts a large TV audience weekly to see who will win. It is a game of chance. When you look up the definition of the word millionaire it describes it as somebody with a net worth or income more then 1 million dollars or another unit of currency. It is also... Continue +
An article on last week reiterated what I'd been taught when I came to work for The College Network: make sure you know if the school you're planning to attend is regionally or nationally accredited. There's a big difference. For one thing, nationally accredited schools will often accept credits from regionally... Continue +
If I can do it, so can you!
I have recently started working on Anatomy and Physiology through The College Network's Comprehensive Learning Modules. I have to say that I am off to a fantastic start. I have completed five chapters in four days. After years of seeing countless people using The College Network's materials, taking one final exam AND PASSING, I ... Continue +
If the shoe fits!
The last trip to the hospital was a result of my 82 year old mother-in-law having a knee replacement operation. The surgery went great. She was attended by some of the nicest and most courteous license practical and RN nurses. I started to ask a few nurses how did there career get started and where did they do... Continue +
The word hope suggests the anticipation of a desired outcome or something you look forward to; or possibly anticipate. Many nurses have hoped for more. More money, more opportunity, more time, more progress and more success. It is said the nursing careers are listed as one of the top jobs in the US. The College Network can help... Continue +
An occupational health nurse is employed by a corporation or the government to oversee the health and safety of employees. This nurse will provide pre-employment medical exams and drug screenings, assess and treat employees who get sick or are injured at work, and provide counseling and support. After your accelerated nursing... Continue +
Rehabilitation Nurses care for patients who have gone through treatment and are on the path to recovery. These patients may be temporarily, progressively or permanently disabled as a result of their illness or accident. Rehabilitation Nurses help them to cope with these disabilities and continue to live normal lives despite the... Continue +
Did you know that you can get online degrees from leading universities without ever having to step foot on the campus of the actual university?If you are looking for accelerated nursing courses, then look no further than The College Network. As an LPN or an LVN, then you have filled the requirements to take a course online for... Continue +
If you have been working as an LVN for a while, you may have decided that earning your RN would be a good idea for your career path. Licensed RNs are in high demand at medical facilities across the country.The College Network will work with you to find the program that best meets your needs. Its advisors will discuss your career... Continue +
Oncology nursing is a challenging and rewarding speciality to continue in when you have finished your accelerated nursing courses.  This nurse works with patients that have cancer. These are patients of all ages, from infant to adult.  A person dealing with cancer goes through many physical changes during the course and... Continue +
The College Network has formed partnerships with fully accredited nursing colleges like the one at Indiana State University to provide busy working professional nurses with the opportunity to advance their skills and their career. Online education programs have become very popular over the past few years, and The College Network... Continue +
Nursing specialities range over all of today's medical practice and the one that involves creativity and close work with patients is rehabilitation nursing.  If you are an empathetic person who thinks "outside the box" and have finished accelerated nursing courses, this might be the speciality for you.  Basically this speciality... Continue +
Perioperative Nurses assist surgeons during surgery and ensure pre, intra and post operative care of the patient. They are involved in patient assessment before commencement of the surgery and after its conclusion. They monitor the physical and physiological state of the patient and ensure a sterile environment for the... Continue +
A person who enters the field of nursing is usually someone who likes working with people.  If you find that you have exceptional skills communicating with people during your accelerated nursing courses, you might consider the specialty of mental health nursing.  A person diagnosed with a mental illness needs a smart, caring... Continue +
Are you an LPN looking to take accelerated nursing courses that will help you to earn your RN license quickly and efficiently? Then you need to find a program that will offer a type of course for motivated learners like you! Something that you will definitely want to consider is online education for nurses.In an online program,... Continue +
If you’re ready to advance your career in nursing and you’re looking to move forward to your RN, getting your associate degree is a great next step. Online courses can be an ideal way to help you finish your degree faster and make it more affordable.Online nursing programs combine course work with hands-on training to provide... Continue +
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