Nursing Named 'Most Useful Job In America' For 2012

In today’s economic conditions, there are very few career paths that guarantee job stability. But, according to a 2012 report from Newsweek’s The Daily Beast, nursing graduates have the best chance of being hired upon graduation. Nursing ranked as the #1 most useful major on the website’s recent list of the “13 Most Useful College Majors,” followed by mechanical and electrical engineering.

According to the report, the unemployment rate for recent nursing graduates is 4%, a league above the current national unemployment rate of 8.3%. At 1.9%, the unemployment rate for a nurse with previous field experience is even more promising.  This means that nurses who choose to return to school in the near future have a greater chance of landing a job upon graduation than students in any other profession in the country. For nurses who’ve been considering going back to school for a higher credential, the numbers show that now is most definitely the time.  

This isn’t the only time nursing has ranked #1 for job stability; registered nurses ranked first on U.S. News’ “25 Best Jobs of 2012” report. At a time when our country’s economic future is uncertain, it certainly pays to be a nurse.

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