Nurses, Get Your Healthy On!
As a nurse, your world revolves around the health care of other people, but do you forget to take time to care for your own health?  I know it often seems more challenging to live a healthy lifestyle;  fresh produce and meats are more expensive to buy than processed food, work and family life get in the way of regular exercise and so the list goes on.  Believe me, I get it, but the good news is there are several "easy" things you can do every day to promote a healthier life style.  

A local health department recently posted a list of "10 Ways to Be Healthier" and the number one thing on the list was "wash your hands."  I know for me, this is one of the easiest things I can do throughout my day.  The College Network makes it convenient to keep clean hands by surrounding our office with multiple hand-washing stations and hand sanitizer dispensers.  I always keep a mini bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse as well.

Eat healthier foods.  One of the simplest ways to eat healthy is to eat out less.  Take your lunch to work and make dinner at home.  It is a myth to think that eating salads from fast food restaurants are  healthy alternatives.  Many fast food salads have upwards of 800 calories per entree.  Frozen fruits and vegetables are a great, inexpensive way to get your nutrients.  Produce is typically frozen at the peak of freshness which locks in all the essential nutrients.  I can get a bag of frozen vegetables in my grocer's freezer for only $1.  You can't beat that!

In order to get more exercise, try taking the stairs more than the elevator, and park as far away from buildings as you can.  You will be forced to walk more by doing so, which will result in increasing your heart rate.  I suggest getting a digital step counter to help you become more aware of how much physical activity you are doing in a normal day's time.  These count how many steps you take in a day, are relatively inexpensive (around $20), and can be found at local department stores like Wal-Mart and Target.  It takes 2000 steps to walk one mile, and the average person burns 100-200 calories per mile.  

So nurses, keep those hands clean, fuel your body with healthy foods, and get your walk on! I encourage you to be the healthiest nurse you can be.  If you or someone you know would like to find out more about The college Network's advanced nursing degrees, call 1.800.395.1014 and speak to one of our Program Advisors, today.

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