Nurses and Professionals find Ease in The College Network
For nurses wanting to advance their careers, The College Network offers accelerated nursing courses. More than 150,000 people just like you have used The College Network to achieve their goals.

The College Network is not a school. There are no classes to attend, and there is no waiting list! Instead, the College Network offers a program consisting of "Learning Modules." Through each of these modules, the customer is able to either "test out" of courses and earn actual college credit towards a degree. These credits are accepted both at The College Network's partner schools, and at thousands of universities nationwide.

This allows professionals to advance their nursing education with no waiting list, without interrupting their existing work or family schedule. The modules are available online, and are self-study, allowing customers to work at their own pace.

For customers who plan to continue their education at an online university, The College Network's Learning Modules are a great opportunity. While the program is online, customers are given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the differences in online learning versus that of traditional classroom learning, in a low-stress environment.

Regardless of your reason for concentrating on your education, the ease and affordability of The College Network is a great place to begin your journey.

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