Number of RNs in California Surges
There is an extremely high projected nursing need to account for the baby boom generation's aging and the healthcare system's expansion, and young people are increasingly stepping up to fill the gap. According to a study mentioned in an article on, the number of RNs aged 23-26 was at 165,000 in 2009, as compared to only 102,000 in 2002. The number is only going up, and if it continues the need for nurses may possibly be filled. California is certainly a hotbed of activity for new RNs--2002 saw only 5,300 people graduate from nursing schools in the state, whereas the 2009 number was over 11,500.

I talk to people in California on the phone all the time, and they tell me that the wait time for entrance into local nursing schools is very long. If you live in California and you want to become an RN, your options are not limited to local schools with swelling student populations. The online LPN to BSN program, offered by Indiana State University in partnership with The College Network, is a smart route to becoming a BSN Nurse that allows you to work and/or raise your family and complete your education when it is convenient for you---without the wait time!

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