I have seen quite a few postings on Facebook lately about what people are thankful for at this time of year. Personally, I think it's a great practice to develop. So many times we don't think about being grateful for the little things we have in our life. It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hectic schedules that we... Continue +
Many people I have the pleasure of talking to on a day-to-day basis ask me to help differentiate The College Network from Excelsior College® in obtaining their Associate of Science in Nursing Degree.  For your information, I'd like to go over a brief synopsis of what roles we each have in this process. Excelsior College® is the... Continue +
The competitive process of selecting nurse educators for the NLN Education Summit is now complete. 32 nurse educators will now be a  part of the National  League for Nursing' s Academy of Nursing Education. This class is the largest in the history of the Academy, which was established in 2007. This year marks the first time that... Continue +
Did You Know?
Our partner universities nursing degree programs are accredited. When you enroll in an online nursing degree program, with help from The College Network, you will earn a fully accredited degree from one of the respected universities we work with. Every nursing degree is either NLNAC or CCNE accredited. There is never a waiting... Continue +
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has dedicated $10 million in funding to aid the transition of 129 organizations into community health centers, according to nurse.com.  The successful implementation of the plan will increase healthcare available to vulnerable populations and also add jobs to the community.  "The... Continue +
Growing Your Career as Nurse
 I recently read an article out of the Midwest Region magazine "ADVANCE for Nurses" about the quickly changing role of a nurse.  The article, "The Present and Future Heart" focuses on the constantly evolving technology used in Cardiology.While digesting the information, I was very excited to hear about what's in store for the... Continue +
Me, Myself, and Irene
It's hurricane season, and recently Hurricane Irene struck the U.S. eastern seaboard.  Like many of you reading this, you were either directly effected, or had family within its path.  I personally had family in coastal South Carolina, coastal Maryland, and New York City, and they all were affected in some way by Irene.I just... Continue +
In a recent article published in the Middletown Journal it was announced that Miami University which is one of Ohio's top nursing programs is ending its two year nursing degree programs to concentrate on four year and bachelor's degree completion programs.  This is big news considering the fact that Miami University reportedly... Continue +
The Art of Nursing
"Nursing is an art: and if it is to be made an art, it requires an exclusive devotion as hard a preparation, as any painter's or sculptor's work; for what is the having to do with dead canvas or dead marble, compared with having to do with the living body, the temple of God's spirit? It is one of the Fine Arts: I had... Continue +
Welcome to the Bridge!
Bridge is defined as a connecting, transitional, or intermediate route or phase between two adjacent elements, activities, conditions, or the like.  As an Appointment Coordinator, I have a lot of time to think about bridges and talk about them with people who need them.  The College Network's bridge programs are a lot like... Continue +
Nothing makes students more upset than finding out that the LPN degree they just spent $20,000-$30,000 won't transfer to the college they wish to attend. "Why not?", they ask, "The college told me they were accredited."I'm sure they are accredited, but they didn't tell the student what that accreditation means - and that's where... Continue +
Lately, as I drive around Central Texas working as a Program Advisor for The College Network, I have realized what an impact my job has on the lives of the nurses I meet with on a daily basis.  Most nurses are ready to advance their education for various reasons, some for monetary gain, some for career opportunities, and some... Continue +
A recent RN graduate who used THE COLLEGE NETWORK,  Anne, started the program as a paramedic working at a local ambulance company.  She heard about THE COLLEGE NETWORK from another friend there, a fellow paramedic who was already using the program.Anne married right before beginning the program and was an instant parent to her... Continue +
After you have successfully completed the courses needed to become an LPN or LVN, you may want to look into an RN nursing degree. The benefit to pursuing and completing an RN program is that you will have the ability to pursue additional courses that can earn you a BS or master of science (MS) degree as well as a higher salary. ... Continue +
The nation's ONLY online LPN/LVN-to-BSN program allows you to earn your bachelor of nursing degree in half the time and at half the cost of traditional distance nursing programs with NO WAITING LIST. Indiana State University's School of Nursing is NLNAC accredited with local clinicals and NO clinical testing.  Nurses can... Continue +
Increase your pay, secure your position, and earn more respect by getting your advanced nursing degree with no campus attendance. The College Network has developed a revolutionary new program that allows you to earn your degree at half the cost and in half the time of traditional schools without interrupting your home or work... Continue +
NLNAC Accredited programs through The College Network's partner universities will allow you to develop knowledge, skill, and experience to make a difference.  The knowledge you gain from the distance nursing programs is very important and a key foundation to your success.  But nurses do not succeed on classes alone, just as... Continue +
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