New Year's Resolution
There are three months left in this year which means many of us have three months to complete, continue, or start our 2011 New Year's Resolutions.  My first resolution, this year, was to lose weight through eating proper meals and exercise. I think I did pretty good for myself considering my pants no longer fit me like skinny jeans. 

My second resolution was to give back to the world in any way I could, and I think I handled that pretty well also through small deeds and through calling many people like yourself who made the resolution to continue advancing their nursing education.  As the year comes to a close, I think about all the healthcare professionals I've talked to and how many of them decided to pursue their degrees through our online nursing programs from leading universities.  I can't help but wonder if around this time last year they we're planning to make 2011 the year they decided to go back to school.  

From my desk this year, I've personally called thousands of healthcare professionals who took the initiative to inquire about our online programs online. From that, more than 800 of you met and spoke with our Program Advisors about our nursing programs.  Now let me remind you this is just from who I've spoken with this year so my colleagues in the Appointments Department have been doing the same amount of work if not more to reach many of you nationwide.

But we're not finished and neither are you.  There's still three months left in this year which means you have three months to inquire about our nursing programs via our website.  Even if your resolution was to begin researching schools that offer RN training or Healthcare Management, it's not too late. There is no deadline from The College Network, and there should be no deadline for you to decide when it is time to go back and receive your nursing degree.

Landon, Appointment Coordinator

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